Obama Sings The Praises Of Fauci’s “Once-In-A Century Public Health” Leadership

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Obama Fauci

Former President Barack Obama has heaped praised onto Dr. Fauci following the White House chief medical adviser’s resignation announcement this week.

In a tweet posted just hours after Fauci announced he would be ‘stepping down’, Obama said “I will always be grateful that we had a once-in-a-century public health leader to guide us through a once-in-a-century pandemic”

Gateway Pundit reports: Fauci led the disastrous COVID response in America that resulted in the most deaths in the world and major economic destruction at home and abroad.

Obama is thankful Fauci still has more time to promote death and pseudoscience before leaving office.

“Few people have touched more lives than Dr. Fauci — and I’m glad he’s not done yet,” the former president noted.

Compliant double and triple boosted leftists showcased their warped, ill-informed paradigm of the world and joined Obama in celebrating Fauci for saving lives.


  1. The world has NEVER been sicker in my lifetime than now When I was a child kids got mumps and measles and chicken pox just normally and got over them no problems If they had to go to hospital it was to get their tonsils or appendix out. Because the drs could take them out.
    That was about it Now there’s kids hospitals everywhere full of kids dying of cancers Fully vaccinated against measles mumps and chicken pox kids.
    Autism was virtilay umkown.
    Now it’s getting almost common in fully vaccinated kids.
    I myself have 3 cousins with it No one ever in our family ever had it.
    Fauci s legacy is best represented by Dr Judy Mikovitz in her book which attributes to him directly as the culpable party, The plague of corruption.

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