Farage: Rape Crisis Happening Because Europe Has ‘Surrendered’

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Nigel Farage says European 'rape crisis' is happening due to Europe surrendering

Nigel Farage has spoken out against the increasing dangers to women in Europe who he says are being “molested regularly in certain districts”. 

The former UKIP leader says that recent events in Cologne, where large groups of women were raped on New Year’s Eve, points to “an unconditional German surrender” due to the response by German authorities to the crisis.

Breitbart.com reports:

German girls in public actually dress and behave more conservatively than in many parts of the United Kingdom. Yet this intimidation from male migrants has led to the suggestion of a new code of conduct for German girls.

It amounts to a very deep insult that will be felt in Germany and right across Europe too.

The problem is very simple: if you let in large numbers of young, male migrants who come from a culture where women are thought of and treated differently, what do you expect?

Some of the migrants were even quoted as saying that Mrs. Merkel had welcomed them. They are of course right, she did. And what a terrible, historic mistake that has proven to have been.

Worse still are the cover-ups involved. The state broadcaster in Germany attempted to hush up events in Cologne and elsewhere. Instead of exposing what has been going on, much of the mainstream media decided to try and sweep it under the carpet instead.

It is all sadly reminiscent of what happened in this country in Rotherham and Rochdale when we saw a cover-up of the abuse and exploitation of young girls.

Sweden has massive problems as well. Swedish Democrats MEP Peter Lundgren has told me: “A Swedish police officer made the connection between Cologne and sexual harassment in Sweden.

“Sweden has a huge problem with sexual assaults and rapes carried out by young male Muslim migrants.

“The same thing happened in the Swedish town of Kalmar as took place in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

“Indeed shootings, murder and sexual assaults are a regular occurrence in Swedish cities like Malmo.”

We can criticise Sweden and Germany but what about this country? Only this week we’re seeing serious discussion about the changing of the GCSE exam timetables to fit in with Ramadan.

It is clear that the West as a whole lacks cultural confidence. Quite frankly I’m tired of speeches from David Cameron and Theresa May who seek to assert values but do nothing. We get words but very little action.

These shocking scenes in Cologne are not far removed from us here in the United Kingdom. Whilst these men may not have EU passports, they soon will. They will then be free to come to the streets of Britain.

Ultimately this whole question of border controls, identity and security are issues on which the referendum will be determined. We are at a cross-roads as a country and a continent. For the good of our people and our nation, we must leave the European Union and start standing up for our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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