Maxine Waters: ‘Trump Needs To Be Imprisoned And Placed In Solitary Confinement’

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Rep. Maxine Waters has called for President Trump to be "imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement" during a Twitter rant Tuesday.

President Donald Trump should be thrown in prison and “placed in solitary confinement” according to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who described her president as a “dishonorable con man” guilty of “shaking down foreign countries” and engaging in “filthy talk.

In a series of tweets late Tuesday, the veteran Democrat hurled a number of allegations at Trump, which included the president apparently “implying” whistleblowers should be “killed.” While impeachment must suffice for now, she argued, Trump deserves imprisonment and solitary confinement. 

“I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed,” she accused. “Impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is the imperative.”

DailyWire reports: The 81-year-old also scolded Trump for allegedly implying “civil war” will break out if he’s impeached; Waters said this was a dogwhistle “to his white supremacists” to cultivate fear. 

“Trump is so irresponsible & so hungry for power & control, he would dare imply that a civil war will ensue if he’s impeached. He is dog whistling to his white supremacists to create fear & intimidation b/c he knows he is going to be impeached. He knows he deserves impeachment,” she tweeted.

As reported on Monday, the president quoted a Fox News guest, Pastor Robert Jeffries, warning of a “Civil War-like fracture” if Trump is to be removed from office. 

“If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal,” Pastor Jeffries said, according to Trump. 

Waters, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, concluded her anti-Trump rant warning that impeachment is “on the way.”

“Trump has corrupted so many members of his admin,” the California representative said. “The lies, coverups, shaking down foreign countries & undermining our democracy will be recorded as one of the worst periods in the history of our country, all led by a dishonorable con man. Follow the facts, impeachment on the way.”

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