Yellowstone Possible ‘Event’ May Occur Soon (Video)

Fact checked
A Yellowstone 'event' may occur in the near future, experts warn

Officials working at the Yellowstone supervolcano site have said that an ominous “event” may soon occur at the volcano, which may include a swarm of earthquakes, or large earthquake in the region. 

According to an email from the Yellowstone Geology Unit:

“No eruption threat is imminent rather a possible earthquake swarm (or single larger event) may be coming soon.”

“These could very well be “earthquake lights”, which are a sign of geologic stress, which releases a form of plasma light energy due to stresses in the ground.”

According to the maker of the video:

One of my viewers, Morgan Johnson was helping me find some answers as to what this could be.

She emailed the geology division at Yellowstone, and got a very interesting reply. Check it out!

This is not the type pf response that you typically get when inquiring about strange events on the webcams.

What does this mean? It sounds to me like they wouldn’t be surprised if there were some event there sometime soon…like a large earthquake.