Biden Says He Hasn’t Decided If He’s Going to Saudi Arabia, Seconds Before Confirming That He IS Going

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It's official, President Biden doesn't know if he's coming or going!

Joe Biden

It’s official, President Biden literally doesn’t know if he’s coming or going!

Just twenty seconds before the president told reporters that he hadn’t decided whether to visit Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil, Biden confirmed that he WAS actually planning a trip there.

When a reporter asked Biden: “Have you decided whether or not to go to Saudi Arabia”

The president replied on camera: “No, not yet”

The Mail Online reports: But moments later as Biden spoke on the tarmac in Los Angeles at the foot of Air Force One, the president said that he was in fact going. 

‘What would be holding up the decision at this point? Are there commitments from the Saudi’s you’re waiting for?’

‘It happens to be a larger meeting taking place in Saudi Arabia. That’s the reason I’m going’, he said. ‘It has to do with national security with the Israelis. It has to do with much larger issues than the energy.’ 

The White House is expected to announce the trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel this week, a source familiar with the planning said on Sunday.

Biden’s trip, which is expected to take place around mid-July, could include a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the source added.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council confirmed a Biden trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia was being planned. ‘We have no further trip details to confirm, but we will announce as soon as we do,’ the spokesperson said.

The White House has said Biden feels that the crown prince is a ‘pariah’ for his role in the killing of a political opponent, Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, in Turkey in 2018.

Khashoggi’s murder at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul tainted the crown prince’s image as a reformist. The Saudi government has denied any involvement by him.

The visit would be aimed at bolstering relations with Saudi Arabia at a time when Biden is trying to find ways to lower gasoline prices in the United States.

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