WHO To Flood Africa With Bill Gates’ Experimental Malaria Vaccine To ‘Fight Climate Change’

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WHO to flood Africa with Bill Gates' experimental Malaria vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) is partnering with Bill Gates to force jab millions of people in Africa with a dangerous and experimental new Malaria vaccine in order to “fight climate change.”

Gates’ Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) is working with the WHO to deploy 18 million doses of the experimental jabs in 12 African countries.

The depopulation drive was announced by WHO director Tedros Adhanom during a press conference last week.

Dr. Tedros claims that “climate change” is to blame for malaria spreading across Africa, despite the fact that multiple reports have found that Bill Gates’ GM mosquitoes are actually responsible for the sudden outbreak of Malaria in Africa.

Slaynews.com reports: The only malaria “vaccine” that has been rolled out thus far is an injection called Mosquirix (RTS,S/AS01), which is produced by Big Pharma giant GSK.

Mosquirix not only does not provide sterilizing immunity, it requires 4 separate shots, and its supposed preventive effects only last a handful of months.

Additionally, the drug is not only seemingly worthless but uniquely dangerous, as The Dossier notes.

The largest Mosquirix trials produced shockingly poor results, with the vaccine cohort having much worse outcomes than the placebo group.

The vaccine group displayed a ten times higher risk of meningitis and cerebral malaria, and a doubling in the risk of death compared to the placebo group.

Even if the shots “work,” they do not achieve any temporary or long-term sterilizing immunity or significant efficacious benefit, so in no way would it reduce the actual disease burden.

Nonetheless, the WHO has given its stamp of approval for the dangerous vaccine, recommending it for at-risk youth.

The WHO website also claims, without evidence, that for every 200 malaria shots deployed, one child’s life will be saved by the jabs.

Last year, UNICEF awarded GSK (which, again, is currently the lone supplier of malaria shots) with a $170 million contract for 18 million doses of its malaria injections ($9.44 per dose).

Now, Gates and his GAVI organization have released a white paper detailing their roadmap for the deployment of these shots.

They are seeking to establish a system in which 80-100 million shots are injected into the arms of sub-Saharan African children on an annual basis by 2030.

This would create a malaria vaccine industry in Africa that is poised to rake in close to $1 billion annually.

There is no evidence that these shots work to prevent malaria.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Big Pharma and global “Public Health” institutions from executing their designs upon the African continent.

The news out of Africa is remarkably timed with a continuing series of malaria scare stories coming out of the United States.

Not to worry though, the corporate media will be sure to let you know that the Pfizer-backed BioNTech is working on its own malaria vaccine.

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