Bill Gates Admits His GM Mosquitoes Are Causing Deadly Malaria Outbreak in U.S.

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Bill Gates has been caught releasing billions of diseased mosquitoes in the US and it just so happens that he has a vaccine coming out soon which he says will solve the problem of the diseased mosquitoes.

Bill Gates has been caught releasing billions of diseased mosquitoes in the US and it just so happens that he has a vaccine coming out soon which he says will solve the problem of the diseased mosquitoes.

The evidence against Gates is damning and the Gates-funded mainstream media is doing everything it can to suppress and bury this story.

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Months after a Bill Gates tech start-up called Oxitec released billions of genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild, mosquitoes across the US are testing positive to extremely rare and deadly viruses, some of which were eradicated decades ago, and others which have never before been reported in the United States.

She wasn’t wrong. Gates’ diseased mosquitoes have multiplied and Florida and Texas are now reporting malaria cases for the first time in decades.

But it’s not just Florida and Texas. Various states across the US have reported a sharp increase in mosquito-borne viruses. In the Midwest, cases of the mosquito-borne Jamestown Canyon Virus are on the rise. Jamestown Canyon virus can cause severe disease, including encephalitis, which is the infection of the brain, or meningitis, which is the infection of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord.

Health officials say two mosquito pools in South Georgia have tested positive for Eastern equine encephalitis which has a 30% fatality rate in humans.

And it’s not just humans in the firing line. We know the WEF have declared war on our pets, so it should come as no surprise that a mosquito-borne virus that can be lethal to pets is also reportedly on the rise across the country.

Bill Gates was so excited to rub our noses in it that he recorded a promotional video to boast that “mosquitoes are the deadliest animals to humans” and that he was going to release millions into our backyards.

Bill Gates created the problem, and now he is preparing to appear in his now familiar guise of false prophet and provide the solution – which just so happens to be in the form of an mRNA vaccine that he is determined to force on you and your children.

The new soon-to-be “safe and effective” BioNTech malaria vaccine began clinical trials in December 2022, just in time for the great mosquito-borne virus explosion of 2023, as orchestrated by Bill Gates.

The Gates-funded BioNTech vaccine will without a doubt get FDA approval. And the mainstream media will without a doubt push the gullible masses to roll up their sleeves for yet another dose of Bill Gates’ mRNA.

The mainstream media are working overtime to suppress the story of Gates’ involvement in the mosquito-borne viruses plaguing the US, and they have also been ordered to perpetuate the falsehood that Gates does not profit from the vaccines he forces on humanity.

But can we believe anything they say about Gates when he is essentially their paymaster and boss?

A disturbing report revealed that Gates spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year funding mainstream media outlets all over the world, turning them into propaganda mouthpieces for his globalist agenda.

An investigation by the independent outlet MintPress reports that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has distributed $319 million in the form of over 30,000 individual grants to media outlets and fact checkers.

Major mainstream news outlets including CNN, NBC, The Atlantic, The Financial Times, BBC and others are all beneficiaries of Gates’s funding. None of these outlets provide any notification to their audience that they are bought and paid for by Bill Gates.

Can anyone else see the problem here? Gates released billions of diseased mosquitoes into the wild, they are now causing enormous problems, and the mainstream media, which is funded by Bill Gates, is convincing the masses that Gates has nothing to do with it – but you should take his vaccine.

Robert F. Kennedy has been warning us about Gates’ psychopathic traits for years now and he explained how Gates and Big Pharma control the narrative on mainstream media.

But there is just one problem for Gates and his fully-bought-and-paid-for mainstream media hacks. We have Gates on camera at the World Economic Forum admitting the dark truth about his vaccines and so-called philanthropy.

Damning stuff. And yet Gates will remain untouchable as long as the normies continue watching mainstream media news and accepting everything they are told unquestioningly.

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