The World Health Organization Has Advanced Plans For A ‘Pandemic Treaty’

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WHO Gates Pandemic treaty

The World Health Organization (WHO) has advanced plans for a ‘Pandemic Treaty’

The Pandemic Treaty, which is being backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and US billionaire Marcel Arsenault, would effectively override individual nations’ constitutions in the event of another pandemic.

According to Need to Know : Negotiations on an international agreement to prevent and combat pandemics have begun, and ratification is set for 2024.

The agreement is based on Article 19 of the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO) Constitution, which allows the WHO General Assembly to adopt binding agreements for all 194 Member States by a two-thirds majority.

Critics are concerned that the WHO can prescribe binding measures such as lockdowns, mandatory vaccination or the central collection of data under the ‘agreement’.

The pact would give the WHO direct power to undermine national constitutions. Compliance measures may include economic sanctions.

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The pandemic measures are to be declared globally binding

Behind the agreement are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and US billionaire Marcel Arsenault, who announced in autumn 2021 that he would support global pandemic prevention with 200 million dollars.

Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, speaks of a “unique opportunity to strengthen the global health architecture. The EU, which supports the project, expects the agreement.

-a higher, sustainable and long-term political commitment at the level of Heads of State or Government

-clear processes and tasks

-strengthening the public and private sectors at all levels

-the integration of health issues into all relevant policy areas .

This all sounds quite harmless. But observers expect that with the pact, the WHO can prescribe binding measures such as lockdowns, vaccination obligations or the central collection of data. The pact would give the WHO direct influence over the exercise of civil rights in member countries. .

“Mass-voll”, the measure-critical movement of the young wants to take the referendum, as its President Nicolas Rimoldi explained on request. “The WHO pandemic pact will be above the Federal Constitution and thus undermine it. With it, the WHO can introduce coercive measures such as lockdowns or compulsory vaccination without Swiss influence.” It is important that the civil rights movement unites against this. .

The preparations were taken a year ago by the Global Health Centre in Geneva with the support of Marcel Arsenault. The Global Health Center, for its part, is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Pax Sapiens Foundation of Marcel Arsenault and Cynda Collins and the Swiss Federal Government. Department of Foreign Affairs.

The further roadmap of the agreement will be determined on 1 March at the first meeting of the Intergovernmental Negiotiating Body within the framework of the WHO. A first draft should be available in August this year. The WHO expects the agreement to be ratified in 2024.

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  1. As soon as we the people can regain power over our governments the first step should be to destroy the evil entity called the UN.

    • Only one religion is represented thee with a permanent guest seat and that’s the Catholics. That’s not democratic They’re barely 1 in 7 people on this planet. They’re a minority with powers as if the majority.

      • Well I’m not in that category. i believe God can be worship in your own home and you don’t have to belong to a church to do that,

  2. Exactly what they’ve been legislating for now for decades and already the health ministers have been over riding the state leaders governors or here premiers because of basically secret legislations. They all have been told to keep their traps shut though so the public aren’t to know they’re not living under democracy anymore. And they’ve all played the game Complied with the Morality of rule of law. So they tested the waters and know they can role out global fascism under Dr Who . And all the sheep in the houses will baa baa on command like mind controlled hacked robots.

  3. we need to make plans for them. Hey Bill, do you remember when you got that pie in your face? Maybe next time it wont be a pie in your face.

      • That was the illuminated manipulation on him. You got that right. The elites planned the attack and probably did some other psycho crap to him to turn him into a sociopath.

        • You’ve seen the movies The mad scientist taking over the world. That’s them. Not the central bankers, not the Jews The Mad Scientists Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde

    • This is how they work. Its not 1 person it’s a class OF CORPORATIONS intertwined like the snakes around the rod of life that the doctors use as their symbol.This is AIPAC corp
      Customers saw Fujitsu as a trusted brand and a long-term relationship but wanted to see more in transformation and to hear it talking in industry language.

      Fujitsu A/NZ, therefore, identified five industries where it felt it had had IP to deliver, and unique capabilities: public sector, defence, public safety, healthcare and retail
      They cast a wide net AIPAC partners with Microsoft Sentinel
      Ubtill you get real about the world you will never be able to challenge them in any way because, you won’t even know who they are. There’s 75 million in the 1 %Not Bill Gates. He couldn’t do anything on his own, without their support. And I’m pretty sure he could very well have beenade a mo d controlled robot at such a young age he would have absutely no idea that he is anything except “himself” That’s how they work mind control. Only they know whose who. Whose their Pinocchio.

    • Was that the time in Brussels you are referring to. I remember him getting 3 pies in the face.

  4. they can sign WTF ever for ever just more paper weight people will do what people will do the covid has shown the light on free will

  5. The devil always appears as an angel of light, when he is doing evil. These people may call themselves, world Health organization. But the truth is they are the world genocide, antihealth organiszation serving Lucifer and his plan to destroy everyones soul. Just because someone says they are one thing does not mean they are not exactly the opposite. Communism has nothing to do with communism. They are not hippy communes, communist is just a misleading name, like the WHO, what communism truly is is satanism, and so is the WHO. I refuse to call them by their fake name deception, the WHO. They are workers of evil, they are satan’s henchmen. They are genocidal psychopaths. Don’t be fooled. Be wiser than Serpents.

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