Egypt: John McCain Was ‘Supreme Leader’ Of The Muslim Brotherhood

Fact checked
Egyptian media says John McCain was unofficial leader of Muslim Brotherhood

John McCain was the “Supreme leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood and opened up Congress to the extremist group, Egyptian media reports. 

According to a bombshell report by Middle East Monitor, McCain was a supporter of the terrorist group and secretly arranged meetings and appointments with D.C. leaders and provided them with protection:

In remarks, he made during a talk show aired on Sada El-Balad TV, the Egyptian media personality and TV host Ahmed Moussa claimed that McCain, recognised in the US as a national war hero and longtime senator, was, in fact, the ‘real Supreme Guide’ of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“John McCain is the real Supreme Guide of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, not Badee and not Akef,” Moussa said.

“Today was John McCain’s funeral, which the leaders of the criminal Brotherhood in America have taken part in,” he continued, “ and they performed the Absentee funeral prayer for John McCain in Qatar, Turkey, USA, and Britain. ”

“[McCain] was the main supporter for the terrorist Brotherhood,” he added. “Senator McCain was the one who opened up the Congress to the Brotherhood. He was the one arranging the meetings and appointments and providing them with protection.”…

he American politician and Vietnam veteran died on 25 August, aged 81, from the effects of brain cancer and was buried at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland after a small private ceremony.

US President Donald Trump ordered the White House flag to be re-lowered in recognition of McCain’s record and service to the country, following outrage at the raising of the flag for only two days of national mourning.

Moussa said that McCain was “a stronger ally” to the Muslim Brotherhood than Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

“Tamim is just for the money, they have no problem getting rid of him in the morning if they found another financial backer. Erdogan just to strengthen them, nothing much, but John McCain was the one raising them above. He had opened doors for them.”

Moussa’s comments come days after Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi had approved the controversial Law of the National Media Commission, a media regulator to be chosen by him with the power to control all mass media in the country, which is the second largest recipient of American foreign aid after Israel.


  1. YMCA its fun to stay at the YMCA Village people; thinking globally acting locally. Were off to see the Vizard etcetera.

  2. Hard not to notice the fond embrace between McCain’s sidekick, Lindsay Graham, and the Muslim Brotherhood Princess, Huma Abedin. They had to have known the circumstances of McCain’s demise. This was their last chance to say good bye to each other.

    Egypt has also outlawed Obama’s brother Malike from their borders……………….Malike heads up terrorism in Africa……..Boko Haram. It seems Africa is the Obama Bros crucial front…………….especially Nigeria, and now South Africa.

    I wonder if Egypt would allow Barry to visit ??

  3. Truth is coming out on McStain and many, many others. He was an evil man, an obedient puppet of the Nazi-NWO cabal and a complete traitor to the USA. He’s in hell now where he belongs and I’m sure is shocked to learn that satan is not his friend. Torture and torment forever without any hope is the reality for those who spend eternity with the devil.

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