Chris Whitty Warns UK Of ‘Worse To Come’ With ‘Two Epidemics On Top Of One Another’

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Chris Whitty

England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty has warned that the UK can expect several more weeks where Covid cases hit a record high as the Omicron variant continues its ‘exponential’ rise across the country.

Professor Whitty told a Downing Street briefing that there were “two epidemics on top of one another” with more new cases of coronavirus reported, including cases of the new variant.

AOL reports: He said: “I’m afraid we have to be realistic that records will be broken a lot over the next few weeks as the rates continue to go up.

“What we’ve got is two epidemics on top of one another – an existing Delta epidemic, roughly flat, and a very rapidly growing Omicron epidemic on top of it.”

Prof Whitty said the Government had to choose between “really unpalatable options”, adding that there was no clear data yet on severe disease and deaths from Omicron with two jabs, and what the picture was for those who have had boosters.

He said: “I think what most people are doing – and I think this seems very sensible – is prioritising the social interactions that mean a lot to them and, to prioritise those ones, de-prioritising ones that mean much less to them.”

He said he “strongly encouraged” that people take lateral flow tests before meeting up and ensuring there was good ventilation.

In the same briefing, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to have their booster vaccines as he said a “great national fightback has begun” against Omicron.

He insisted the Government’s Plan B was the right thing to do, adding that boosters also “provide an excellent level of protection”.

He added: “We think that, given the balance of risks and the balance of continuing uncertainties about Omicron, this is the right approach to take.. to do these things at once.

“The progress we are making with the booster is vital… we really are boosting huge numbers of people now.”


  1. Two epidemics on top of one another? Is that possible, each on top of the other? England’s Chief Medical Officer, and an Englishman, yet he can’t even construct a logically correct sentence. On what basis is it reasonable to trust the knowledge and abilities of such a man?

  2. We should all be trying to catch the omicron variant as quickly as possible. It is the mild variant that will finally end the pandemic by providing us with antibodies. This will lead to herd immunity. The last thing we need is the booster jab. It suppresses the immune system and will prolong the pandemic. Everything our government is doing is the exact opposite of what is required. Makes you wonder why.

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