Seattle Police Begin Quietly Seizing Citizens’ Firearms

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Seattle police begin confiscating citizens' firearms

The Seattle Police Department has begun confiscating firearms belonging to law abiding citizens, using an obscure “red flag law” for the first time in history. 

The gun grab began after the officers took a handgun belonging to a man in downtown Seattle on Thursday. reports: Washington state is one of five states that has passed the law, known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order, which gives law enforcement the ability to seize a gun from a person if they believe the person poses a significant danger to themselves or others.

Seattle police say the department received several calls about the 31-year-old man’s escalating behavior.

At one point, staff from a restaurant near the man’s home in the 2200 block of Second Avenue reported to police that the man was harassing them while carrying a holstered firearm.

Police said officers also seized a shotgun from the man in a different incident.

Because of his continued contacts with police, the Crisis Response Squad filed an Extreme Risk Protection Order, which required the man to give up all of his firearms.

The man reportedly failed to turn the firearms over or appear for court, so police then arrested him at his apartment Thursday.

The release states that officers were able to seize a .25 caliber handgun and are in the process of recovering several other firearms the man owned that are currently with a family member.


  1. A DICKHEAD WAS PLAYING UP WITH A GUN.. AND ANNOYING decent people.. so they took his gun…… duhhhhh ..umm that’s what is supposed to happen …. it is called “general policing” that’s what they are paid to do…that’s their job….that’s why they go to work… duhhhhh

  2. very disturbing. still democrat playbook to steal everyones guns. they want no opposition to taking all of an americans constitutional rights.

  3. Funny how they never mention that London England with it’s gun bans just became the murder capitol of the world.

  4. Does this law specify what has to happen for the cops to get this EPO, or can they just pick a name at random and get one approved with no evidence and no due process hearing? I suspect it’s the latter, as liberals tend to like to violate the Bill of Rights.

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