Don’t be distracted Says Katie Hopkins -The Same B*stards Who Locked Us Down, Now Cry Freedom

Fact checked
Katie Hopkins

Media personality, columnist and political commentator Katie Hopkins reminds us not to get sucked into the ‘next big thing’

So whatever happened to covid?

Just days ago that was all we heard about…..covid this, covid that, covid deaths, the next deadly variant, face masks, vaccinations, lockdowns….

Just as some real covid vaccination data is being released, the focus has shifted and so quickly.

The Cabal is now frantically dumping covid in favour of whipping up a world frenzy over Russia’s incursion into Ukraine.

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  1. Because most people are jabbed now anyway. And they’ve gone all the legislations they wanted, rolled out 5g and set everything up for thesvrs. Now they think they deserve their reward they’ve been secrectly lusting after for the last roughly 300 years. RussiaThenbChina then Iran then both Korea The whole world is their oyster now Thanks to SCIENCE.

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