VIDEO: Anonymous Calls For National Day of Rage, “Sandra Bland Murdered”

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Sandra Bland

Anonymous is cutting to the chase with the case of Sandra Bland, saying “Sandra Bland was Murdered”.

Counter Current News explains [1]:

A video was recently uploaded by Anon Intel Group [2], and it believes there is no question that Sandra Bland was murdered.

Take a listen below…

The transcripts for the video are as follows:

The Anonymous collective is enraged at the failed attempt by Waller County PD and the Texas Trooper Association to mask a blatant act of crime against an innocent woman. And we will not stand as Sandra’s death becomes another hashtag and then a statistic.

We, Anonymous, are calling on the citizens of the United States to commit to a day of rage for Sandra Bland and all who have been murdered at the hands of ruthless law enforcement officials who know no honor. Cities around the United States will rise up in unison and call for Sandra Bland’s justice.

We, not as Anonymous but as citizens of the United States, are tired of the cycle of murders and coverups made by police departments across the nation. We demand that each police chief at each protesting city to come out to the crowds and renew their pledge to protect the people they serve.

We also demand the immediate arrest of Brian Encinia and the resignation of both Waller County’s District Attorney and the Waller County’s Sheriff.

If you do not take Brian Encinia into custody, we will come after all of you. All your secrets will be leaked. You will all be vulnerable. We all know where you live.

This is for Sandra Bland. No mercy for murderers.

Operation Rage for Sandra, engaged.

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Waller County law enforcement, it’s too late to expect us.

Along with this were a list of “supporting documents.”

Take a look:

– Booking doc:

– Suicide doc: /


– #SandraWasMurdered:

– The room:

– The shadows: /

– Waller County Jail mugshots: (website:

– Sandra Bland mugshot: 


Just days ago, we reported on speculation sweeping social media that suggested the mugshot taken of Sandra Bland indicated she was already dead. 

Since Sandra Bland was killed in police custody, a number of theories have arisen regarding how she died and why. Few believe that she committed suicide, and the investigation into her death has now shifted gears from a suicide investigation, to a homicide.

But one of the most intriguing theories that is starting to circulate on Black Twitter is whether or not Sandra Bland was actually dead already when her mugshots were taken.

While the evidence is far from conclusive, these are definitely questions worth asking.

Some of the question that people have posed about the mugshot image include:

Why does Sandra already have an orange jumpsuit on in a mugshot supposedly taken during in-processing?

Why are the locks of her hair descending backwards, as though she is laying down, rather than standing up? If she was standing up, her locks should be hanging straight down, as they are in every other image of her we have where she has locks. 

Her eyes seem focused on nothing.

The shadow to our right indicates to some that she is laying down.

Her face, collagen, fat, loose musculature, is all seeming to fall backwards, rather than down. This too would seem to indicate that she is laying down. 

On the right side of the image, we can see the left side of her face (our right), drooping lower than the opposite side. Some have suggested this indicates effects of oxygen depletion to the brain.

What do you think?





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