Britney Spears: ‘I Was Subjected to Satanic Illuminati Rituals’

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Britney Spears was subjected to satanic illuminati rituals , according to instagram post

Pop-star Britney Spears detailed the “satanic” abuse she suffered at the hands of her “illuminati” handlers during her 13-year conservatorship, including sickening sexual rituals, weekly blood transfusions, and Mkultra medical experiments.

Spears described in a now-deleted Instagram post on Sunday how she was stripped of her freedom and autonomy and subjected to dark and satanic practices, including “8 gallons of blood” transfusions weekly and sexual assaults by elite attendees, claiming she was “no more than a puppet” to her handlers like her father, and vowing to get “justice.”

it’s okay to lock your daughter up and make her work 7 days a week … 8:00 am to 6:00 pm … no days off … 105 people are in and out of a small trailer home 🏡 weekly … No private baths 🛁 … seen naked when changing … drugged … can’t even speak or talk … has to be available to the treatment people and show up every day for 10 hours a day … if not will have to stay longer … never given a date on when you can leave … 9:00 pm bed every night … like 8 gallons of blood weekly … this happened to me for 4 months after I worked for my dad and my family for 13 fucking years … I gave my all when I worked only to be literally thrown away … I was nothing more than a puppet to my family yet to the public I just performed on stage and did what I was told to do … but it was worse than that because it was accepted and approved by the people I loved the most 💔 … Looks are deceiving …. I must have it nice on vacations lol !!!! After 13 years damn straight I should go !!! I was treated less than, demoralized and embarrassed … nobody should ever be treated the way I was …. The reason I bring this up is because ending the conservatorship is a huge deal but come on … THAT’S IT ??? They all got away with it !!! If you’ve ever been in shock 😱 for 4 months … threatened for your life … you would be upset too … I’m not done … I want justice and won’t stop until something is done to those who harmed me … and YES I was harmed !!!! This is a message to all who have been threatened for their life … You are NOT ALONE !!!! reports: Spears accompanied her post with three seemingly unrelated images: the inside of a cathedral, Israel’s state flag, and an image of Australia.

Users on social media claimed the images are a coded message suggesting the CIA is partly responsible for the abuse she suffered as part of its supposedly discontinued MKULTRA mind control program.

Cathedral Israel Australia

Some of Spears’ music videos notably depict occult and “Illuminati” symbolism, such as her “Slumber Party” music video released in 2016, which shows her attending a secret elite sex party.

She even performed Madonna’s song “Illuminati” in a 2015 music video.

Harrison Smith breaks down Britney Spears’ shocking story on the Monday edition of American Journal:


  1. You could put a cat and an igloo and America if you just wanted people to take the first letter and make cia. I think she’s saying it has to do with church by the cathedral, to Christianity by Israel because, jesus is a jew, and Pope Benedict celebrated world youth day in australia Youth as in the future.
    But who knows. It could mean anything. At the end if the day the CIA operate under the Pope’s moral authority for rule of law.

  2. the people who do this stuff, all of them need to HANG and i look forward to their ‘come uppance’

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