Trump: Polling Machines Are Flipping Votes For Hillary

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that voting machines in the U.S. state of Texas have been ‘flipping’ his registered votes to rival Hillary Clinton.

Sputnik reports:

The Republican nominee has warned for weeks that the election could be rigged against him.

“A lot of call-ins about vote flipping at the voting booths in Texas,” Trump said via Twitter. “People are not happy.”

Trump also noted in his Twitter message that the lines at the polling places are very long. “What is going on?” he asked.

On Tuesday, Chambers County in east Texas officially announced that it was switching over at least temporarily to the old-fashioned, low-tech system of voting with emergency paper ballots after electronic voting machines in the region suffered technical glitches.

Electronic voting using the usual machines would be suspended until the problems with them could be fixed, Chambers County Clerk Heather Hawthorne said in a press release.

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