White House Says Parents Concerned About Starving Babies Should Call Their Doctor

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baby formula shortage

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has advised that parents who are concerned about their baby’s immediate needs for formula during a nationwide shortage should “call their doctor”

During a Thursday press briefing a reporter asked Psaki what should parents who cannot find baby formula do.

The reporter asked: “I’m just wondering if you’re a parent today and you go to the store, you can’t find any formula on the shelves, as is being reported across the country. What is what is the step that they should take?”

Psaki then outlines the steps the White House was taking to address the baby formula shortage. 

Breitbart reports: Psaki noted that the reporter raised “important public health questions,” but did not provide immediate steps for parents to take. 

Psaki continued:

But what I can report on here, what I can convey to all of you is what we’re doing to address exactly that concern, which is taking every step we can to ensure there is supply on store shelves and we have increased the supply over the last four weeks. And as the President, as I noted at the top of this briefing we’re gonna take every step we can to cut red tape to a to ensure we’re working with with retailers like WalMart that we’re working with Wreckit and Gerber and others who can produce more to ensure we are getting supply out to stores and out to retailers so that parents don’t have that concern. But beyond that, that’s what I can read out for all of you from here.

The reporter pressed Psaki for immediate steps families can take amid the formula shortage, to which Psaki said, “call their doctor.”

“We would certainly encourage any parent who has concerns about their child’s health or well being to call their doctor or pediatrician,” Psaki said.

President Joe Biden’s supply chain crisis has hit families harder due to its impact on baby formula. The formula shortage has been increasing since the end of last year.

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