All UK Government Buildings Ordered To Fly Israeli Flags

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Israeli flag

The British government has requested that all government buildings fly the Israeli flag.

They have been told to use the “appropriate colored lighting” to show solidarity with victims of this weekend’s Hamas attacks.

Meanwhile there is no mention of the equally innocent Palestinian families in Gaza who are now taking the consequences for the Hamas attacks.

InfoWars reports: Britain’s Sky News showed the Israeli flag being displayed on the side of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s home at #10 Downing Street.

East London’s City Hall was also lit up with Israeli colors on Sunday evening.

Monday night, the UK Parliament building will be lit up with the colors blue and white in solidarity with Israel.

Meanwhile, pro-Palestine and pro-Hamas demonstrations are expected in London on Monday as the nation has been filled with many anti-Israel immigrants over the past decade.

Photos show the Israeli Embassy in London being boarded up in anticipation of violence.

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