US funding both sides in Syria

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US funding both sides in Syria

The US funds both sides of the ISIL conflict for its own interests, says Walt Peretto in an interview with Press TV

Elected US officials, approved by the Israel lobby, are secretly playing a political game in Syria by funding both sides of the conflict, i.e. the ISIL and anti-ISIL groups, to further the international banking interests, says Walt Peretto, writer and sociopolitical psychologist.

A bipartisan group of eight prominent US senators led by Barbara Boxer of California have collaborated in a letter sent to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi on Monday to ask him to ensure that his government is distributing aid to the Kurdish minority in northern Iraq, who are under threat from “the Western-created terrorist groups collectively known as ISIS or ISIL”, said Peretto in an interview to Press TV on Tuesday.

The senators were only “playing their roles in service to this old powerful lobby,” Peretto said, referring to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

“The created illusion here, I believe, is that the United States federal elected officials are doing their part on the war on terror by coming to the aid of the vulnerable Kurds,” Peretto added. “This is the illusion that has been created.”

“The reality remains that Western intelligence is behind these terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, so the West is essentially funding both sides of the conflict,” he said.

“Funding both sides of a violent clash like this is the classic modus operandi of the international banking interests, who first wanted to destabilize Syria, bring about the regime change there, let the conflict bleed into Iraq to offer the illusion that the conflict is bigger than Syria, then topple the Syrian leader [Bashar al-] Assad, before setting the sights on Iran,” he noted.

“These international banking interests control the White House, and both the Senate and the House through the AIPAC lobby. Virtually any federal elected official on the United States will not be reelected without proving their devotion to the AIPAC lobby,” he said

Article Source: Press TV


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