NPR Fires Hundreds of Staff in Massive Layoffs: “We’re Broke”

Fact checked
NPR fires hundreds of staff as outlet suffers readership decline

Far-left NPR is laying off ten percent of its workforce as the taxpayer-funded media company struggles with low revenue due to declining viewership.

NPR announced a staggering $30 million budget shortfall. The gap will impact hundreds of employees and force the organization to cut at least four podcasts. reports: The massive layoffs represent the largest reduction in staff since the 2008 recession.

“We literally are fighting to secure the future of NPR at this very moment by restructuring our cost structure. It’s that important,” NPR chief executive John Lansing said. “It’s existential.”

The layoff will affect the production staff of shows and podcasts, website designers, and research teams, among others. In addition, the taxpayer-funded network will cancel some of its left-leaning podcasts, such as InvisibiliaLouder Than a RiotRough Translation, and Everyone & Their Mom.

“We’ve tried very hard to sustain the essential things that will keep us moving forward,” said Anya Grundmann, NPR’s senior vice president of programming and audience development. “That includes our ability to be meaningful to audiences on digital and visual platforms, our radio audiences, our podcast audiences — our narrative journalism.”

Many NPR affiliates have a history of attacking conservatives and Republican lawmakers. Just this month, Republican House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was targeted by a taxpayer-funded NPR affiliate in New York State.

“Taxpayer-funded disinformation outlet NCPR, caught unlawfully sending emails supporting Democrat candidates, continues their strange, sexist obsession with lying about Elise Stefanik,” a senior adviser to Stefanik, Alex DeGrasse, told Breitbart News.

In 2021, NPR published false claims in a book review of Hunter Biden’s memoir that his laptop was Russian disinformation. It has since issued a correction, referencing the now-debunked Politico story on October 19, 2020, which used “dozens of former intel officials” to push a false and misleading narrative about the origins of Hunter’s laptop.


  1. No one believes their puke, pro-Biden propaganda any longer. NPR is taxpayer funded.

    “Funding for NPR comes from dues and fees paid by member stations, underwriting from corporate sponsors and annual grants from the publicly-funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting”

      • People don’t respond to the NPR narrative. When that happened in Germany the Germans got Adolf Hitler.

        • says the pedo phile communist “you must accept the gubmint narrative” what a good little drone

        • NPR&NP TV have no agendas or narratives and are funded by indie non-profits.Whereas there are some with points of view they allow counter points of view.That is something you will never see on non-free TV or hear on NON-free radio.As for profits are about nothing at all just Hits and sells whatever it take they will and do do.

        • Newspunch trying to STOMP down NPR for their money bag controllers selling BS and donuts bombs booze and bullets for a living in the GOOD old USA!!

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  3. DIS/INFOMATIONS as NPR is not funded by taxes and it is NOT left or right.MASS MEDIA FAKES selling toe fungus adds would`nt know the truth from fakes of copys of fakes as they are NO EVEN FAKE here they are SELLS=HITS=TOE FUNGUS jelly,they are the one`s not really making it as the fakes are faking it.

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  5. Fake news lost it`s dime when trump bombed.MONEY MONEY MONEY runs NON-NPR but not NPR OR NP TV and it is not left or right and is much closer to truth than you will ever read here or on MASS MEDIA for money MEDIA`s that are controlled by COINTELPRO fellowships from fake church committees

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  8. They are garbage anyway. I wonder why the communists stopped funding them? don’t need them anymore? They must be confident that they are about to take full control over us.

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