Biden’s Border Patrol Agents Cut Through Barbed Wire Again To Allow Illegals To Enter US

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Disturbing footage shows the moment Border Patrol agents cut through and removed razor wire to allow migrants to enter the US.

The incident occured on the Southern border just after Texas Governor Abbott had the wire re-installed as a deterrent to those looking to make the crossing over the Rio Grande and into the state.

The Mail Online reports: The group can be seen actively pulling away the razor wire and cutting it with what appears to be bolt cutters before helping numerous migrants up an embankment. 

Footage of the scene obtained by then shows the officers helping a group of migrants including women and children who are hoisted up by officers. 

Officers can then be seen helping women carrying their children up over the embankment, and also placed fabric over the wire to avoid any injuries. 

After making it over the border, those who have just crossed can be seen lining up to be processed.  

The video was captured on the banks of the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass, Texas, which has been inundated by migrants in recent days.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had the Texas National Guard install and then reinstall the razor wire that is being cut through in the video. 

Governor Abbott had previously eviscerated President Biden over his move to have the wire taken down, which allowed more migrants over the border. 

Border crossings have risen to 8,000 a day in the week ending September 22, according to the Washington Office of Latin America. 

Throughout the month of August, upwards of 232,000 migrants made their way over the US-Mexico border. 

Eagle Pass alone has been overwhelmed with migrants in recent days, with more than 7,500 flooding into the town of 28,000 people on Monday and Tuesday. 

Mayor Rolando Salinas of Eagle Pass signed an Emergency Declaration after the new surge of migrants started arriving last weekend.

Salinas also stated the city of Eagle Pass would not be opening a shelter: ‘We don’t have the funds or resources to do that.’

A similar situation to the above video had also unfolded on Saturday, when a 100-strong crowd arrived in Piedras Negras on the Mexican side, before wading through waist-deep water and past Border Patrol boats. 

On Tuesday, Governor Abbott, who has already declared an invasion on the Texas-Mexico border, wrote on X :“Texas will not sit by while the Biden Admin undermines our historic effort to secure the border. The Texas National Guard took immediate action to install more razor wire after the Biden Admin cut it. We won’t back down.”

Eaelier in the week 11,000 illegal immigrants were encountered by law enforcement in a single day!


      • That is why I said we should start shooting these invaders. In the meantime, I will be voting for Donald Trump. He seems to be the only hope of at least attempting to secure our dangerously open border. Without a border, there is no country.

          • We need both. We would only have to shoot a few of these criminal invaders for them to get the message. Without borders there is no country.

          • I still don’t think that the shooting would work .
            Here, in Europe sometimes dozens get drowned in the Mediterranean but the flood of the Illegals doesn’t seem to abate . . .

      • I would not have any problem defending my country at the border if my country would allow me to. How about you? We would only have to kill a few of these criminal invaders before the problem was solved. A small price to pay for a secure border.

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  1. This is aiding & abetting criminals. All involved in this must be arrested. Gov. Abbott needs to get serious about this; there’s more he can do to end this incredible mass invasion.

  2. The Guarantee Clause requires politicians to protect America from foreign invaders and domestic violence. Any politicians giving aid, comfort, and cut fences to foreign invaders is committing TREASON.

    Screw hearings, start arresting.

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