Pompeo: US Wants The Whole Middle East ‘To Look Like Israel’

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Israel is everything the US wants the entire Middle East to look like

Speaking at an award ceremony held by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America in Washington DC, Pompeo praised Israel as “democratic and prosperous”, adding “it desires peace, it is a home to a free press and a thriving economy”

He also said that US-Israel relations are “stronger than ever” and of course compared Israel to Iran.

RT reports: Israel’s enemy number one Iran, meanwhile, has “corrupt leaders” who “assault the human rights of their own people and finance terrorism in every corner of the Middle East,” according to Pompeo.

He went on to habitually bash the Obama administration for trying to solve problems with Iran peacefully.

“President Obama thought that if he made dangerous concessions, removed economic sanctions and flew a plane full of cash to Tehran, he could somehow hug Iran’s leaders into behaving well… but those leaders aren’t from a Disney movie,” Pompeo said, then himself went on to paint Iranian leaders as movie villains: “They’re real. They are murderers and funders of terrorism who lead chants today, still, of ‘Death to America’.”

After decades of US presidents at least maintaining the facade of honest brokers between Israel and its Arab neighbors, the Trump administration went all-out onto Israel’s side. The US embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing Israel’s claim to the city in violation of UN resolutions and to the outrage of most of the Muslim world.

Washington has also cut funding to UN agencies charged with helping the displaced Palestinians, as well as direct aid to the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. Meanwhile, Israeli forces have killed almost 200 and injured over 20,000 Palestinians who have been protesting along the Gaza border fence since March.

In addition to its unapologetic support for Israel, the US under Trump switched gears into open hostility with Iran. In March, Trump left the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration – and praised as effective by all other signatories – and re-imposed a wide range of sanctions on Tehran. US diplomats have gone so far as to threaten other countries daring to do business with Iran that they would be punished for doing so.


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  1. From a supporter and creator of terrorism and killing children in cold blood for wanting to return to their stolen land, destroyed 7 countries already in the middle-east, USA= ISRAHELL have been in illegal wars ,illegal regime change, robbery of poor countries resources that can’t fight back, enslavement ,massacre… for 224 years out 241.

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