Biden Funding Soviet-Style Surveillance Machine To Censor ‘Misinformation’ In Private Messages

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A State Department whistleblower has revealed the Biden administration is funding several companies to develop a vast, Soviet-style surveillance apparatus designed to police private messages and conversations for “misinformation” and “banned memes.”

According to former State Department staffer Mike Benz, who now runs the Foundation For Freedom Online, the Biden administration is working with tech firms including Meeden and the Algorithmic Transparency Institute to censor the American people.

In a post on X, Benz explains: “The US gov’t is paying millions of dollars to censorship mercenary firms to build up a snitch network of citizen informants to report private text messages on WhatsApp for ‘misinformation’ — then create a vast database of banned memes & ideas.”

Adding weight to Benz’s allegations, further reports are emerging about companies getting hired to build comprehensive databases of “misinformation” in private conversations on encrypted messaging platforms including Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.

The examples of wrongthink are compiled and stored thanks to the “a snitch network of citizen informants,” or users effectively spying and reporting on each other.

The information thus obtained is then analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI), resulting in the identification of “misinformation trends.”

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The Biden administration’s concept is straightforward: when government oversight is restricted, users of private chat applications are prompted to report content they find suspicious.

Critics of the euphemistically dubbed “civic listening” draw parallels with how authoritarian regimes notoriously use people spying on each other even before the digital age.

The covert infiltration of a surveillance method used by totalitarian regimes such as Stalin and the Nazis has now made its way to the land of the free.

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