Israeli Intel Agent With Foreknowledge of ‘False Flag’ Was Told To Stay Quiet or Face Court Martial

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An Israeli officer in the elite 8200 intelligence unit warned her superiors over Hamas’s plan of a mass infiltration event and was told to stay quiet about the plans or face court martial.

The officer revealed to N12 News that to he warned his superiors and the government about a scenario involving a mass intrusion event by Hamas, foreshadowing what occurred on October 7.

She turned to her commanders, but they did nothing. “You are imagining it,” her commanders were quoted by N12 as telling her. Even worse, she was threatened with prison time for daring to speak out about the upcoming event.

Jerusalem Post report: Last week, Channel 12’s Weekend News program published new testimonies of female observers who served near the Gaza border.

In the testimonies of the observers, they tell how for months they warned repeatedly about changes they see in the field, which require special attention and raising red flags.

According to them, they told their commanders that there were training sessions, anomalies, and preparations near the border.

Soldiers of the operational Unit 8200 training in an undated photo

Among other things, they described how more and more people who had never visited this area suddenly come to it, how farmers who used to come day after day to work the fields suddenly don’t come to the place and are replaced by others, and above all they recognize another feature, one that rang all the bells.

Those female observers felt that they were not being listened to and that what they were seeing was not being counted.

There were those who decided to alert one of the senior commanders in the sector, and this is the response they received from him: “I don’t want to hear about this nonsense again. If you bother me with these things again, you will stand trial.”

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