King Charles Helps Activate Climate Countdown Clock

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Now they're telling us we have only 6 years left!

khan and charles

King Charles joined London mayor Sadiq Khan to help launch a climate countdown clock on Wednesday.

It is the latest in a line of clocks across the world which warn we have just six years left for the world to limit ‘global warning’.

The Mail Online reports: The King activated the clock during the Climate Innovation Forum at the Guildhall in London today, to warn the world it has just six years and 24 days to limit the heating of the earth to 1.5 degrees centigrade. 

The clock also has a built in Renewable Energy Lifeline, which shows the percent of global energy coming from renewable sources currently sits at 12.5 per cent. 

This tracks factors including renewable energy sources, land and inland waters managed by Indigenous Peoples, climate debt, monies contributed by countries to the Green Climate Fund, and gender parity. 

The clock is the latest in a worldwide project which brings together art, science, technology and grassroots organisation to count down to the critical time window in which the globe must reach zero emissions.

The first was launched in New York in September 2020 and has since seen more appear in Seoul and Glasgow to name a few. 

The Climate Innovation Forum is the flagship event of London Climate Action Week, which brings together 1,500 leaders from government, business, finance, and society to encourage collaboration and innovation to meet climate goals. 

It is the fifth year that the event has been run. 

King Charles has long been an advocate for sustainability, using his time as Prince of Wales to champion causes which practice sustainability and green energy, and to warn of the dangers of climate change. 

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