Police Arrest British Activist For Calling Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock A “C*nt”

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Matt Hancock

UK political activist Abi Roberts was arrested on Monday for reportedly calling ex-British Health Secretary Matt Hancock a “cunt” and saying “fuck you” to a police officer when he claimed she wasn’t allowed to swear in public.

Footage shows Roberts talking with officers s who said she was within her rights to protest, but that she was “not allowed to swear in the street.”

Roberts then quite rightly asks: “I’m not allowed to swear in the street, but it’s ok for our government to commit democide?”

Info Wars reports: One officer responded, “Madame, swear again and you’re going to get arrested.”

The pissed-off patriot answered, “Well, fuck you. Fuck the government.”

Next, she shouted to her fellow protesters, “I’m being arrested for swearing at the government? You are joking…”

Roberts then spoke to mainstream media members filming the incident, saying, “You’ve seen me and you’re all complicit. And you’re going to call me an anti-vaxxer. I’m anti-tyranny and anti-democide you absolute bastards.”

“If you’re not angry, there’s something wrong with you,” she told bystanders

According to her Twitter page, Roberts was held by police for 17 hours and charged with a Section 5 charge for disorderly behavior before being freed.

Before the incident, Roberts and another demonstrator were able to get their signs in the shot of a GB News broadcast.

The disgraced Hancock appeared before a public inquiry into the UK government’s Covid policies earlier this week and admitted the government’s strategy was “completely wrong” before claiming the government should impose even more authoritarian restrictions faster than it did with Covid-19.

“It is central to what we must learn as a country that we’ve got to be ready to hit a pandemic hard,” said Hancock during the UK Covid Inquiry. “We’ve got to be able to take action – lockdown action if necessary – that is wider, earlier, more stringent than feels comfortable at the time.”

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