Irish Lesbian Senator Proposes On Live TV

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Irish Senator

Irish Senator Katherine Zappone wasted no time in proposing to her partner after Ireland overwhelmingly voted yes to same sex marriage last week.

The couple who have already been married in Canada want to go through the marriage ceremony in Ireland. Senator Zappone, 61, proposed on live T.V after the her country passed same-sex marriage into law. The Senator and her wife strongly support the process of social change through transformative education.

Pink News reports:

The Republic of Ireland overwhelmingly voted to introduce same-sex marriage in a referendum last week, with 62.1% voting in favour and 37.9% voting against.

Senator Zappone, who is the only openly lesbian Senator in the country and a strong proponent of equality, took advantage of the moment in a poignant way.

Appearing on Irish broadcaster RTE after the country voted Yes to same-sex marriage, she popped the question to her partner, Ann Louise Gilligan.

Addressing the camera, she asked: “I want to ask you a question now that I’ve been dying to ask.

“Now that we have a Republic of equals, a Republic of freedom and a Repubic of love.

“Today, in this new Ireland, Ann Louise Gilligan, will you marry me?”

Ms Gilligan wasn’t on set at the time – but accepted the proposal.

Appearing again later, she said: “I said Yes twelve years ago in Canada and now we are bringing the Yes home. Yes, Yes, Yes!”
“Today we are free! Yes, Yes, Yes!”

The pair originally married in Canada in 2003 – but will have a second ceremony to mark their marriage becoming law in their home country.

The legislation is due to be drafted by the summer – and could be fast-tracked to lead to weddings sooner rather than later.

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