French Volunteer Returns From Ukraine and Says ‘Abominable’ Western Media Is Lying About the War

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Ukraine’s Azov Regiment is comprised of “100% neo-Nazis” who perpetrate “war crimes” while wearing Nazi runes and insignia — all while operating under the cover of Western mainstream media which continues to provide cover for them, according to a French medical volunteer who just returned from the front.

Adrian Bocquet, a former French Army soldier who spent several weeks in Ukraine delivering medical equipment and supplies, has opened up on atrocities he said he witnessed perpetrated by the Azov Regiment – a notorious neo-Nazi force operating under the Ukrainian National Guard.

There, on the spot I saw war crimes. I saw a lot of war crimes. The only crimes I saw during the days I was there were perpetrated by Ukrainian forces”, Bocquet said, speaking to Sud Radio earlier this week.

Bocquet said he spent several weeks in Ukraine assisting in the delivery of medical humanitarian assistance to hospitals and orphanages. According to Bocquet, some of this assistance wound up in the hands of neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian military.

I saw Russian soldiers who were taken prisoner, bound and badly beaten…They were brought [to a detention area] in groups of three or four in minibuses. Every soldier exiting the minibus received a bullet from a Kalashnikov rifle in the knee…Those who admitted that they were officers got shot in the head”, the medical volunteer said.

When I returned to France, I was extremely shocked by what the people who were invited on the TV shows were saying. A chasm exists between what I see and hear on TV and what I saw on the spot. For me it’s abominable”, Bocquet said.

Bocquet revealed he witnessed Azov Regiment fighters operating across the country, with their characteristic Nazi-style rune patches and SS insignia standing out.

It shocks me enormously that Europe still gives weapons to a force which in my view are neo-Nazis, who have neo-Nazi insignia. We don’t talk about it. It’s an SS insignia brandished across Ukraine, everywhere”, Bocquet said.

No one in Ukraine seems concerned about this, while we arm them with European weapons. They go off and commit war crimes, I saw this myself”, he added.

The former soldier said he faced 10 tense hours in detention by Azov as they searched and questioned him about what he was doing in the country, and that he was eventually exited the country via Slovakia before traveling to Poland, from where he took a plane back to France.

Bocquet is the latest foreigner to open up about what is really happening on the ground in Ukraine. In April, a Danish citizen fighting in Ukraine told local media that captured Russian prisoners-of-war were being executed.

In March, a US Army veteran who volunteered to fight in Ukraine detailed his own harrowing escape from the country after being left without weapons and threatened with execution.

United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine chief Matilda Bogner confirmed this week that her office has “credible” evidence of the “torture, ill-treatment and incommunicado detention” of Russian military personnel held in Ukrainian captivity, and said such activity “violates fundamental rules of international humanitarian law”.

Russian prosecutors have engaged in the systematic collection of evidence about suspected war crimes in Ukraine, not only from the period since Russia and its Donbass allies began the “demilitarisation and de-Nazification” special operation in February, but going back to the spring of 2014, when Kiev kicked off its punitive “anti-terrorist operation” against the nascent Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • They ne er tl the truth ztbey aren’t allowed to even know the truth. Politicians and the like pretend to confide in them to make them feel uke they’re in the in crowd who know it all It’s a con job The oldest trick in the book but they’re usually not the brightest tools in the shed and so easy to deceive.

  1. Not to worry the Biden crime family is systematically robbing the US taxpayers to pad the pockets of these individuals. The inflation and food shortages are only the beginning.

  2. “the people are TOTALLY fooled” Marilyn Monroe
    “and in the end days the whole world shall be deceived” The Bible
    “the innocent shall be guilty and the guilty innocent”.
    Always the same always the opposite
    As above so below.

  3. If you really want to see what is happening in the Ukraine go to this site boots on the ground reporting. https://banned dot video/channel/war-russia-vs-ukraine

  4. The “neo-Nazi” shit has to stop. There is nothing remotely “Nazi” about these people. The swastika has been found across the world in ancient sites. The Waffe SS was made up of volunteers from across Europe with their own brigades, insignias and marches. They were fighting against communism. Yes, the “Nazis” were vehemently anti-communist, but they weren’t taking blood tests or having volunteers pass ideology exams in order to fight. As in Spain, not all foreign volunteers joining the revolution side were communists, and not all joining the Franco faction were fascists. Why are people surprised that people who saw millions of their family, friends, and neighbours starved to death in the 1930s would collaborate with a different invader to rid themselves of the (((Russian communist))) perpetrators. Bandera never claimed to be a “Nazi”. Missing from the current narrative is that not only do these half-wits, primarily from Galicia, hate Russians, their government has declared Hungarian and other ethnic groups the enemy as well. These are ancient hatreds from a time long before the NSDAP ever existed.

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