GLAMOUR UK Magazine Blasted Over Cover Featuring ‘Pregnant Transgender Man’

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pregnant transgender man

Women’s fashion magazine GLAMOUR UK has sparked outrage after featuring a heavily “pregnant transgender man”

On the cover of its June issue, the magazine celebrates “pride” by featuring Logan Brown, a pregnant biological woman who identifies as a man.

Brown was reportedly in the process of transitioning, but unexpectedly became pregnant while taking a break from testosterone treatments.

Breitbart reports: The UK’s edition of GLAMOUR Magazine, famous for covering fashion, beauty, and women’s health topics, along with featuring influential women from across various industries, decided to spotlight trans activist Logan Brown as its cover star for June — celebrated as pride month by the LGBTQ community.

The magazine introduces Brown as an author, father, and “transgender man who unexpectedly became pregnant with his partner Bailey J Mills, a non-binary drag performer in the UK.”

Brown is described as a 27-year-old writer “who also works as a residential children’s support worker” who is currently writing a children’s book called “My Daddy’s Belly,” in addition to an autobiography.
During the interview with GLAMOUR, Brown apologizes several times for losing track of her thoughts due to ADHD.

According to Brown, both Brown and partner Mills struggle with ADHD as well as autism, which causes both to “get really overwhelmed” at times.

Brown begins by identifying as a “trans pregnant man” who “exists” despite the position of skeptics.
“So no matter what anyone says, I literally am living proof,” Brown said, while claiming being able to “bring a baby up into the world in a queer relationship is the best feeling ever.”

The transgender activist admits having had “really bad mental health growing up,” and constantly being in therapy, while also describing feeling “like everyone’s looking at me” while in the women’s hospital ward.

“I’ve been misgendered by staff and no one’s actually turned around to me and said, ‘Are you OK?’ No one’s asked what it feels like to be a trans pregnant man,” Brown gripes, while expressing the need for “some mental health support.”

In response, many took to social media to express outrage over the controversial choice for coverstar.

“Living proof of what? Logan’s a biological female who got pregnant, as hundreds of millions of biological females do each year… why are you presenting this as a man getting pregnant which is biologically impossible?” asked TV news host-turned-political commentator Piers Morgan.

“Day 1 of Pride Month kicks off with a pregnant woman who claims to be a man and calls herself a ‘pregnant man’ and ‘father’ appearing on the cover of one of the UK’s biggest women’s magazine- Glamour UK,” wrote internet personality Oli London.
“Women’s magazine goes WOKE!” he wrote in another tweet.

“Every single baby ever born was gestated within a woman’s body. But there’s only one way to get on the cover of a magazine for performing this everyday miracle,” wrote journalist Helen Joyce.
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