Backlash After Calvin Klein Features Pregnant Transgender Man As Underwear Model

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Calivin klein prgnant man model

The latest marketing campaign from Calvin Klein has earnt the fashion brand a backlash after they featured a pregnant transgender man as an underwear model.

Calvin Klein’s Instagram post which launched the campaign paid “tribute” to mothers and women everywhere by including a diverse range images portraying the different aspects of motherhood.

They claimed they wanted to spotlight the “realities of new families” in honor of….Mother’s Day.

The campaign includes shirtless photos of Roberto Bete, a female-to-male transgender reality TV star from Brazil who was pregnant at the time of the shoot. The photos show Bete posing with exposed stomach and top-surgery scars alongside his partner, Erica Feeha, a transgender woman.

Roberto said: “we can reproduce biologically or from the heart…our role in the world is to love and be loved.”

But the ad did not go down very well with everyone and, not surprisingly, there was some backlash on Twitter


  1. So it’s a dude pretending to be a chick with a chick pretending to be a dude. How about therapy and not a child?

    • Since the wackos in the left decided to permanently screw with our kiddies and turn them into freaks….

  2. Seriously. Is it possible for a member of the alphabet crowd to drink enough beer to get that big of a beer gut?

    • The lefturds have ruined this……with their insanity that they demand all straight folks bow down to and ‘worship’……

  3. Shocking a transgender woman got a transgender man pregnant. If they didn’t transgendered the results would have been the same!!!!

    • They still had to use a penis and a vagina….but in this case it was attached to the ‘wrong’ gender. I can’t stop laughing at these two FREAKS!!!!!

  4. Let’s see if I got this right. A woman that has butchered her body has a baby with a man that has butchered his body. And somehow we are supposed to applaud this freak show under “equality”?

    This will be child abuse. This child should be immediately removed from this couple at birth for serious mental illness of the parents.

  5. So the devil has won, you must all be his homies now. Evil is good and good is evil. Say goodbye, to God and his love forever. Say hello to Hell on earth. I give up. This world is past the point of no return. As the demons from Hell are now living in human beings on earth. The angels that once were you guardians have all left and returned to Heaven. You are all on your own now. This is the end. The NWO and the kingdom of Hell on the entire earth, is about to happen for real. What are these eunuchs going to do when they can’t purchase their fake hormones? When the economy collapses forever and there is no food, water and clothing, let alone grotesque surgeries and chemical hormones to castrate themselves with? They will serve the devil, because they are already made in his image.

  6. A man cannot be pregnant but a PRETEND MEN can get pregnant proving that she is NOT a man but pretending to be a man….and adding a beard does NOT prove she is a MAN….just a hairy woman playing a game. This is nauseating, vile and definitely uncalled for in polite society. This type of garbage does not deserve to be paraded around by Calvin Klein…..unless Calvin is one screwed up man….. Time to definitely rethink the brand and ditch it out the window.

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