Man Kicked Off Plane For Wearing A Woman’s Thong As A Face Mask

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man wearing thong face mask

A man who was kicked off a plane for wearing a woman’s thong as a face mask has declared that “the best way to illustrate absurdity is with absurdity.

Following his stunt on the United Airlines flight Adam Jenne who was sporting a ‘lets go Brandon’ t-shirt said: “There’s nothing more absurd than having to wear a mask until I get to cruising altitude so that I can order Tito’s by the double and snack on pretzels, and illustrating that absurdity by wearing women’s underwear on my face sounds perfect.”

He told NBC2 that he does not wear face masks in  airports “at all,” but believed he was following United Airlines’ rules on the plane by having his mouth covered with the underwear.

RT reports: Jenne explained his unusual choice of face covering, saying that “the best way to illustrate absurdity is with absurdity.” He added that he has pulled off the same trick multiple times throughout the pandemic and faced a “different reaction” every time. 

However, on December 15, his flight from Fort Lauderdale to Washington DC finished before it even started. After a brief discussion with crew members, the thong-wearing Jenne was asked to disembark.

In his interview with NBC2, the 38-year-old even compared himself to famous civil rights activists, saying that all major changes in the United States started with “everyday people” taking a stand. He pointed to Rosa Parks, who “changed the course of history” by refusing to give up her place on a segregated bus to a white passenger in 1955.

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