Obama Mocks Trump for Believing ‘Secret Cabals Run the World’; POTUS Hits Back

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President Trump hits back after Obama mocks him for saying secret cabals rule the world

President Trump slammed Barack Obama Wednesday after the former POTUS mocked Trump for claiming that secret cabals run the world.

Obama appeared in Philadelphia, smearing Trump as ‘crazy,’ and accusing POTUS of lying every day, and tweeting conspiracy theories “about secret cabals running the world, or navy seals didn’t actually kill Bin Laden.”

Obama also attacked Trump on his coronavirus response, declaring “We literally left this White House a pandemic playbook,” adding “They probably used it to, I don’t know, prop up a wobbly table somewhere.”


Summit.news reports: Trump hit back at Obama during a rally in North Carolina, telling the huge crowd “You know Obama’s now campaigning. Oh, here we go.”

Referring to him as ‘Barack Hussein Obama,’ Trump said his predecessor had “refused to support Biden,” up til now.

“There was nobody that campaigned harder for Crooked Hillary Clinton than Obama,” Trump added, noting “He was all over the place.”

“The only one more unhappy than Crooked Hillary that night was Barack Hussein Obama,” Trump boomed.


Trump also revisited a past interaction with Obama, when the media erroneously claimed that the crowd for Trump’s inauguration was smaller than for Obama’s.

Trump noted that when photos of the two events were compared by the media “they show empty space and they show Barack Hussein Obama’s.”

“They took the pictures about five or six hours,” after the event, Trump said, noting that “When I was speaking it was packed.”

Watch Trump’s full speech below:


  1. But, there weren’t any people there, lol. Who was he trying to convince, when he’s shown the world what a traitor and betrayer he is.

  2. While we most likely will never have the oppertunity to hang this human excrement for treason and many other crimes, we must find solace in knowing for a fact that the Lord God almighty will give him his just due. And in comparrison to us hanging it, I know that is nothing compared to what his true end is.

  3. Theyre not a very good secret ,although the top italian families are well concealed Very well One of the most important has a surname that Ive only ever heard mentioned once or twice in my life and never seen printed anywhere ever ,vut it sounds like Pedo Actually I guess that are a really well kept secret. Obama spreads lies like his wifes not Michael and the kids aren’t born to surrogates Hes immersed in lies and deceits he justifies by his own rational and ” logic “

  4. Presidents Wilson, Ike, and RFK would agree with Trump. Enough said, Obama is part of the ‘Cabel’ And Joe is his willing puppet.

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