Massive Crowds Of Protesters Swarm Military Base To Protest Brazilian Election Results

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Protests in Brazil

Massive crowds of Jair Bolsonaro supporters have been on the streets across Brazil, blocking major highways and calling for the armed forces to prevent Luis Inacio Lula da Silva from taking office.

The numbers of Brazilian patriots that are protesting has been estimated to be millions.

They are demonstrating against election results that they claim were rigged in favour of far-left candidate Lula da Silva.

Footage showed mass protests on Wednesday outside the Eastern Military Command headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, where Bolsonaro supporters called on the military to intervene in the election.

According to CBS News, some were heard chanting, “Armed forces, save Brazil!” and “United, the people will never be defeated!”

For days truck drivers have maintained roadblocks across the country and they were still out in force, despite a Supreme Court order to dismantle them.

Farmers have joined the protests too.

The protests have continued despite reports on Wednesday claiming that Bolsonaro had conceded defeat, according to a Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Luiz Edson Fachin who said he had spoken with him for over an hour.


  1. The Boys from Brazil.. Lulu’s a convicted criminal or a proven criminal so only by corruption has he been set up to become the agent of crime bosses mafia in Brazil.

  2. Great news coverage of this, Newspunch, thank you. Brazil is an amazing country, the people are wonderful and they have had corrupt govt for way too long. So glad to see the people rise up and show the rest of the world that this is how you topple a corrupt govt. There are MILLIONS of people taking to the Brazilian streets and protesting. I believe they will be victorious.

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