Trump Launches 2018 Counterattack Against ‘Deep State’ Forces

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Trump launched counterattack on Deep State attempted coup

President Trump says 2018 is the year he will counterattack Deep State forces that have plotted to remove him from office since 2016.

An intelligence source closely coordinating with POTUS told Info Wars that Trump is planning to expose Deep State agents who worked with the Clinton campaign to develop the Russian collusion narrative in order to derail his presidential campaign and ultimately unseat him from the White House.

“I am convinced QAnon is an intelligence source closely coordinating with President Trump to develop a counterattack to the Deep State forces that are planning to remove President Trump from office,” Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, chief Washington correspondent for explained. reports:  “I am planning to continue working with the QAnon group,” Corsi continued, “reporting on a regular basis with Alex Jones, David Knight of news, and Owen Shroyer of the War Room.”

Dr. Corsi’s involvement with the QAnon moderators has developed over a series of “DECODE” essays that Dr. Corsi began writing to explain QAnon posts to the general public. The first being a QAnon post #151134 on Dec. 22, 2017, in which QAnon discussed the crumbling of the Russian collusion narrative against President Trump.

Dr. Corsi’s DECODE also detailed QAnon’s role in developing counterintelligence that suggests the Russian collusion narrative was developed to derail Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, or to be the basis of his removal from office should he get elected; by CIA Director John Brennan, and funded by Eric Schmidt of Google fame.

Over the weekend, Dr. Corsi posted on his “DECODE” of a series of messages QAnon posted on 8chan “The Storm,” messages that included a photograph of President Trump’s pen resting on the conference table at Camp David taken as the meetings were in progress.

One of the key players in the QAnon phenomenon, Tracy Beanz @tracybeanz conducted a 45 minute YouTube video interviewing Dr. Corsi over his increasing role working directly with the QAnon moderators.

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