Phillipines Launches Investigation Into Unexplained Excess Deaths

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The Philippine’s House of Representative has initiated a formal investigation into the huge number of unexplained excess deaths.

They were “shocked to find out there were 262,000 excess deaths in 2021 alone”….

While explaining the statistical findings to the rest of the committee, Chairperson Rep. Dan S. Fernandez said he “was shocked” when referring to the number of unexplained excess deaths.

And what on earth could have caused it?

Aussi17 reports: Citing official statistics, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dan Fernandez, voiced the concerns that have led to this inquiry:

“The copy of the said resolution, this is about a 260,000 excess deaths that we experienced in this country. We’ll be showing a graph coming from the Philippine Statistics Authority. In DOH (Department of Health), they also have copies that have been submitted. We are shocked to find out that there were 262,000 excess deaths in 2021 alone.”He further added that the concerning trend continued into the following year, “After that, 2022, still had 67,000 excess deaths. These are all unexplained deaths (non-COVID).”In comparison, from 2020 to November 2023, COVID-19 has claimed 67,000 lives. [SOURCE]The government’s decision to launch an investigation underscores the severity of the situation and the pressing need for explanations of these excess deaths. With COVID-19 ruled out as the cause for these excess deaths, authorities are compelled to look elsewhere to understand the origins of this alarming fatality rate.As the investigation unfolds, the families of those lost will be watching closely, hoping for clarity and closure in the face of such overwhelming grief. The Filipino nation, and the whole world awaits answers that will shed light on this dark chapter of unexplained excess deaths.

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