Merck Creating A Dog Flu ‘Epidemic’ In Chicago

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Merck is pushing for a dog flu epidemic this year and it could be because human flu numbers as well as flu vaccinations are way down.

The big pharma company has started to put up signs warning that “dogs can get flu, too.”

They clearly hope that by putting up signs people will be encouraged to take their beloved pets in for a flu shot.

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Does anyone actually believe that it is a coincidence that we have a dog flu epidemic in the same year we have lower flu shot turnout from people and lower instances of the flu for people in general? I mean, it seems rather convenient, right?

Take this article from Chicago Now which overdramatizes a situation in an effort to push a flu shot agenda.

Veterinarians were overwhelmed with an epidemic of the dog flu in the Chicago area (including Northwest Indiana) this past Spring.

Veterinarians quickly realized this flu strain is different than the dog flu first discovered in the U.S. in 2004, and identified it as new flu strain, H3N2. Oddly, a strain of flu which somehow arrived into the U.S. from Southeast Asia.

Of course, dogs travel and soon the virus spread – ultimately to about half the country.

At the height of what was called an epidemic, this past Spring and Summer, it’s estimated that at least a thousand dogs in the Chicago area were sickened, and at least eight dogs died.

Vets are “overwhelmed,” and of course, Merck is on the scene pushing an ad immediately.

This ad could replace the dog with a human and we simply couldn’t see the difference. The pitch is exactly the same. And the way they conduct biased, pharma-funded surveys, remains rather consistent as well.

A Merck Animal Health survey discovered that 71 percent of stricken dogs were ages one to seven years, and that day care and boarding facilities were the potential infection source in eight out of 10 cases of H3N2 dog flu.

If people won’t take the shots, then move on to the animals. If sales are down, increase the demographic. This method is tried and true for pharma companies. Vaccines once again are proving to be a for-profit business that acts and reacts to the bottom line, not to our general health needs. It is insane to think that people are herding their dogs to the vet for flu shots. You almost have to wonder if the flu shots are giving the dogs cases of the flu? Animals have an immune system, they know how to survive. And yes, animals experience vaccine injuries. Do your research. Man’s best friend deserves better than some pharma pushed toxic agenda.

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