Nicolas Cage Promotes Eating Bugs as Hollywood Ramps Up WEF Insect Agenda

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Actors Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult are the latest Hollywood celebrities to promote the World Economic Forum’s campaign to force humanity to eat bugs, insects and crickets.

Cage famously ate a live cockroach in the 1988 cult comedy Vampire’s Kiss during a set-up piece of method acting, and now he is promoting the consumption of other bugs claiming it will help fight climate change and solve world hunger.

The Oscar winning actor urged humanity to get over our collective fear and phobia of eating insects, insisting they have excellent macro nutrients.

If you could get rid of your fear, your phobia of eating insects, you could solve world starvation

High protein, no fat, excellent nutrients, abundance. They’re everywhere!

Cage’s insect revelations came during an interview about his new role as Count Dracula in the horror comedy Renfield, co-starring Nicholas Hoult as the famous vampire’s long-suffering servant, R.M. Renfield, who eats insects when in need of a power boost.

Hollywood Moves Into High Gear Promoting WEF’s Insect Agenda

“The cockroaches I got to eat in this were caramel,” Hoult said in the interview. “I also had crickets that were actually quite yummy; they were salt and vinegar flavored or barbecue smoky flavored.”

But Cage insists his right-hand man is just being modest. “[Nicholas] ate a potato bug, so he took it to another level,” the actor said beaming with pride.

“[Potato bugs] are terrifying to me, and so are cockroaches.” So how do potato bugs taste? “It wasn’t good,” Hoult confessed. “It didn’t dry out so good, and tasted every bit of bug.”

Humans are set to become walking parasites if the global elite get their way and everybody gives up meat and starts eating bugs and crickets. Scientific research reveals these insects contain the perfect “armor” that parasites and pathogens use to infect humans and animals and spread disease inside them.

If you start eating insects regularly, because you believe this will save the earth from global warming or “climate change,” you may be putting yourself (and any children you have) directly in harm’s way, assisting the evil agenda of globalists who want to depopulate the planet. Watch:

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