The Truth About The AIDS Conspiracy

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The truth about the origin of AIDS

AIDS has been labelled as the Black Plague of the 20th Century, having killed an estimated 34 million people worldwide so far. 

The initial cause of the disease was inaccurately directed to a promiscuous gay sub-culture in the late seventies and early eighties. However, science hasn’t progressed much since, with the cause of the disease still a hotly disputed topic to this day.

As AIDS deaths became an epidemic and the public demanded answers in the early 80’s, the official government explanation as to it’s cause of was said to be an even more mysterious virus called “HIV”. Scientists say that HIV cannot be isolated, which makes it unlike any other virus that exists.

With such a deadly and unexplained virus raging around the world, could it be that the truth about AIDS lies in the conspiracy theories that have circulated about it since it was first discovered in the 1980’s? reports:


There are strong indications that AIDS may have been a government chemical weapon that ran off the tracks of its original course – which was to deal with the problem of overpopulation in the developing world. In 1969, at a House Appropriations hearing, the US Defense Department, through its biological division, pleaded for tax dollars to develop a fatal disease with the capability of attacking its victim’s immune system while being completely resistant to the human immune system’s attacks. The money was granted. In the early Seventies, Henry Kissinger wrote a National Security Memorandum in which he discussed the problem of Third Worldoverpopulation. He stated that the problem should be a priority in US foreign policy and considered a grave threat to the county’s security.

In its proposal to the House Appropriations hearing in 1969, the Defense Department said it could have the new disease up and running within five to ten years. The first incidents of AIDS were reported in the late Seventies, showing that, if nothing else, the Defense Department is punctual.


As anyone involved in cancer research will tell you, there is more money to be made in treating a disease than in actually curing it, even diseases manufactured in a government lab. If AIDS is ever cured, rest assured a more lethal disease will suddenly appear on the horizon. Perhaps it already has – we call it Ebola.



Some conspiracy theorists have traced the escape of AIDS into the world’s populations to the CIA’s biological activities against Cuban soldiers fighting in Africa. An attempt to infect Cuban troops with a more orthodox biological agent may have backfired when it mutated into the disease we now call AIDS and spread much further than its intended Cuban targets.

Black Ops Genocide Program

According to this theory, an evil right-wing clique of black ops agents decided to utilize existing biological experimentation to try and reduce the number of blacks and homosexuals in the population. Initially introduced via a Hepatitis B vaccine issued to several thousand gay men in San Francisco and New York, through infected syringes placed with drug-users in black districts, they believed it would have little impact in the heterosexual, middle-class white world from which they came.

Pharmaceutical/Research companies

In an effort to keep much-needed grant income rolling in, pharmaceutical and research facilities have created the myth of the AIDS crisis, lumping together several diseases under one umbrella in order to instil a sense of panic. The use of drugs such as AZT and Interferon in the treatment of AIDS is also suspicious. The drugs are expensive, and there’s a body of opinion that reckons the drugs do more damage than good. Yet the sales of such drugs help keep profit margins high, and stock holders happy.


Another theory states that AIDS is a plague created by Gaia – the sentient aspect of the planet’s ecosystem – as its own response to overpopulation and pollution. Taking advantage of the highest levels of chemical pollution ever recorded and the rapid spread of viruses around the globe, thanks to air travel, the planet created a new type of virus. By doing this, Gaia is trying to reduce the number of humans on the planet as it now sees our current numbers and activities as a danger to the whole ecosystem.

It is rumored that improper handling of infected test monkeys in laboratories or a natural cleansing plague created by Nature to handle over population could also be to blame.