ISIS Group Arrive In Yemen, Release Video Threatening Houthi Rebels

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ISIS Group Arrive In Yemen, Release VideoThreatening Houthis

An ISIS affiliated group have declared their official presence in Yemen and warn of attacks against Houthi rebels who’ve been fighting Al-Qaeda and government forces.

In a nine minute video the group calling itself ‘Soldiers of the Caliphate in Yemen’ threaten to “cut the throats” of Shiite Houthi rebels.

As with most Islamic State videos, this clip published online on Friday, was professionally shot and edited with CGs and catchy background music.

RT report: It showed around two dozen IS fighters in full military gear training in the desert area, which is claimed to be located near the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

The jihadist carried AK-47s, heavy machine guns and RPGs and then fired from some of their weapons.

After that, the apparent commander of the group stuck the black IS flag into the sand and pronounced that the “soldiers of the Caliphate” have arrived in Yemen to “cut the throats” of the Houthis.

“We have come to Yemen, with men hungry for your blood to avenge the Sunnis and take back the land they have occupied,” the IS commander said in a video, the International Business Times reported.

He then addressed all able-bodied Sunni men in Yemen to join him the battle against the Houthis.


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