US Military Chief Says British Army Is Too Small

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The chief of staff at the US army has warned that Britains army is too small and not prepared for war

The US Army’s chief of staff has warned that Britain’s army is too small for war.

General Mark Milley told a British army conference that it was a myth that forces could be boosted in numbers quickly if conflict breaks out.

He said that “signifiant-sized land forces” were required to achieve a government’s objectives.

Other military experts have also warned that the UK should not make further cuts to its military budgets because its army is “already too small”

The Express reports:

The Ministry of Defence has proposed to potentially reduce its regular army to 65,000, from an initial target of 82,000.

There are currently 78,410 troops in the British army.

The Government has ordered the Ministry of Defence to make £20billion in savings in the next decade.

General Sir Nicholas Carter, the chief of the general staff, said his army was at its smallest for 400 years.

Professor of strategic studies at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, Eliot Cohen, said: “Firstly, your military is too small.

“There is no question about that.

“If you cut it further it will be bad news because numbers matter.”

This comes as Labour MP Dan Jarvis, a war veteran, said: “Tory MPs should not be trumpeting their record on defence. They should be embarrassed by the disgraceful damage their party has done to our armed forces.”

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