Ron Paul: ‘Truth Is Treason’ For American Empire

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Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul said “truth is treason” when you are dealing with an empire.

Dr. Paul made the remarks while discussing the violent arrest of Australian whistleblower and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London this week after the Ecuadorian government cancelled his asylum

Press TV reports: Assange, 47, is wanted by the US government for publishing classified documents related to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that were leaked by American whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Assange spent seven years at the Ecuadorian embassy before his arrest.

Dr. Paul said Assange “has suffered a lot. I think this is a real tragedy for all journalism which means for all the people who are trying to find the news. And I think he fits into the category I think we talk so much that is ‘truth is treason’ you know when you have an Empire.”  

“But you know technically he even does not belong to our Empire. He is not a US citizen. But you know he was dealing with some of our secrets. He wasn’t the journalist they claim.”

“This is a big issue. I don’t think it would be too long that he would be extradited [to the US], according to my estimations. And he will suffer the consequences. I think the only thing now that might stop this is public pressure.  There are some groups out there, probably groups much bigger and influential than ours. But we have a few people who care about that.

“We’ve to encourage people to get to their elected officials and get some publicity for this, because this is obviously a miscarriage of justice.”

Assange faces up to 12 months in a British prison for breaching his bail conditions.

He then faces extradition to the US to face charges that he conspired to hack into a classified US military computer, which carries a maximum sentence of five years.

But WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson said he fears more charges will be added once Assange arrives in the US, meaning he could face decades in an American prison.

Legal experts say the US extradition fight could last for years, given that his previous battle against extradition to Sweden to face rape allegations took 18 months.


    • The entire world is blessed that the witch HRC didn’t “win” the election. She would never have been legally voted in but the NWO massive voter fraud was what they had in place and they believed would get her in. God had other plans and intervened with His man PDJT to save both the US and the rest of the world!

  1. Assange is an Australian. Australians don’t take too kindly to their countrymen being fucked with. Australians could very well start sabotaging all things American. America need to be very careful with Assange. Best they just send him home before the shit really hits the fan. America is about to see the wrath of the whole world they are the most hated people in the whole world.

    • Assange will work with Pres Trump to bring out the truth and destroy the evil NWO cabal that was working feverishly to destroy nations and bring in their satanic 1 world govmt. It’s best for everyone that JA come to the US and testify. He will not be charged with a crime.

  2. Assange told the truth and gave it to the public. I don’t believe he’ll be charged with any crime by the US but will be used to get more needed truth out. This will help destroy the evil cabal and their ppl in power, thus benefiting the entire world.

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