US Is Preparing World War III Against Russia, Says Journalist

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Joe Bidens arrival in Ukraine signifies the U.S. desire to pursue World War III, a political analyst has said

US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine is a sign that the US is preparing for World War III against Russia, via escalating tensions with Ukraine, a political analyst and journalist has claimed. 

Investigative journalist and political analyst, Joachim Hagopian, says that Biden’s visit to Ukraine on Sunday is an attempt to reassure the Kiev puppet ally government that the US is standing behind them, ready for World War II against Russia.

“I think that we are seeing polarization and a movement towards more confrontation, unfortunately, and I think that this Biden visit to Ukraine is the same [as] ‘you know, we are going to be there for you when World War III starts, we are going to be fighting right alongside you’,” he told Iranian State media. reports:

Biden is expected to focus on resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine even as world leaders have turned their attention to fighting Daesh terrorists, a senior US official said.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine broke out last year following a referendum in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, in which people voted overwhelmingly for reunification with Russia.

Energy: Russia’s winning card

Elsewhere in his comments, Hagopian said that Russia’s vast natural energy resources act as a very effective deterrent against the West’s constant push for military confrontation.

Countries like Turkey and Ukraine who have opted for confronting Russia on different issues are now having major concerns over the future of their energy ties with Russia who is one of their main suppliers, the analyst added.

It was announced in July that a purported “price dispute” prompted Moscow to cut off the gas flow to Ukraine, something analysts describe as a consequence of Ukraine’s military escalation against pro-Russian forces in the country’s eastern parts.

Turkey is also on the verge of losing access to Russia’s huge energy resources after shooting down a Russian jet over Syria. Russia supplies half of Turkey’s gas and about 10 percent of its oil.

They “shot themselves in the foot” and have become “puppets” of Washington in exchange for energy supplies, Hagopian stated.

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