VIDEO: Florida Mother Goes 45 Minutes Without A Pulse After C-Section

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How long do you think a person can survive without a pulse – 3 minutes? 5 minutes? 10 if they’re really lucky? A woman in Florida is now home and caring for her newborn baby after she went without a pulse for more than half an hour.

On September 23rd, 40-year-old Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro encountered complications from a cesarean section. She had given birth to a healthy baby girl but amniotic fluid soon entered her blood stream.

That created a vacuum of sorts and prevented circulation. Over the duration of three hours, doctors tried to revive her. For 45 minutes, Graupera-Cassimiro didn’t have a pulse.

Medical staffers were just about to give up when she came back to life. Doctors had even called her relatives into the operating room to inform them there was nothing more that could be done.

Not only did she spontaneously resuscitate, but Graupera-Cassimiro walked away from the ordeal with no brain damage. Doctors don’t have a medical explanation for how she made it through and is in perfect health today.

At this point, it’s being considered a miracle. Earlier this year, another individual lived through a similar encounter.

A truck driver in Ohio, 41-year-old Brian Miller, went 45 minutes without a pulse following a heart attack. He also abruptly came to with his brain health intact and a story to share about his near death experience.

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