US Has A ‘Plan B’ For Syria – John Kerry

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US Has A 'Plan B' For Syria – John Kerry

The US is discussing “Plan B” options should the Syrian ceasefire and political transition fail, the Secretary of State told a Senate committee.

While giving testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday, Kerry said: “There is a significant discussion taking place now about a Plan B in the event that we do not succeed at the [negotiating] table”

Kerry stressed that the partitioning of Syria could be part of the Plan B…

He told the committee it ‘may be too late’ to keep Syria whole and suggests Washington would support partition if ceasefire is unsuccessful.

Kerry also praised Moscow’s crucial role in brokering the ceasfire agreement that was reached by the US and Russia

However, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that Moscow was not discussing alternative plans for a political settlement in Syria.

“We’re perplexed by our Western partners, the US included, mentioning the existence of some kind of ‘Plan B,’ Nothing is known on that one, we are considering no alternative plans,” Bognanov said.

Russia is currently focusing on ‘Plan A’ when it comes to dealing with the situation in Syria Dmitry Peskov said.

RT reports: Commenting on the ambiguous so-called “Plan B” mentioned by US Secretary of State John Kerry, President Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Russia’s priority remains “carrying out the plan, the initiative that has been voiced by the two presidents [Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama].”

Damascus has no idea about an American “Plan B” either, said Bouthaina Shaaban, a political and media adviser to the President Assad.

“I don’t know whether these [Plan B] statements were made to apply pressure [on Damascus], anyway, it should not be put on the Syrian government, which has agreed on the Russian-American initiative,” Shaaban told RT.

The roadmap for bringing end to violence in Syria is going to be put on paper at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Mikhail Bogdanov also said.

Such a document, possibly formalized as a UNSC resolution, is likely to be ready “within days,” a high-ranking Russian diplomat said.

Moscow is concerned with the declared intentions to create a buffer zone on the Turkish-Syrian border and attempts to pull together a military bloc for a ground invasion into Syria. The aims and international legitimacy of such plans raise “grave concern,” the diplomat said.

“We think that our priority is discussing and working to carry out the plan, the initiative that has been voiced by the two presidents [Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama],” Peskov said.

In a recent interview with Press TV, American political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch predicted on February 13 that after their failed attempts to overthrow Assad, the US and its allies would implement their “Plan B” in Syria by deploying ground troops in the country.