Chelsea Clinton Caught Praising Sharia Law On Twitter

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Chelsea Clinton says she is a staunch feminist who believes in equal rights for women, but yesterday she was praising Sharia law on Twitter.

Chelsea Clinton describes herself as a “staunch feminist” who believes in equal rights for men and women, but yesterday we caught her praising Sharia law on Twitter!

Chelsea Clinton tweeted out a People article celebrating the first ever Barbie to wear a hijab in Mattel’s six decade history:

Barbie’s breaking barriers! Ibtihaj Muhammad was the first-ever U.S. Olympic athlete to compete wearing a hijab at the 2016 Rio Olympic games. And now she has her very own Barbie — the first to ever wear a hijab in the brand’s 58-year history.

Nothing says “breaking barriers” like going back several centuries and treating women like property! Amirite, ladies?

LOVE this. Barbie made their first hijab-wearing “Shero” doll in honor of American fencing star Ibtihaj Muhammad:” Chelsea Clinton tweeted. (picture of doll below)

It’s no secret why Chelsea Clinton and her mother – another “staunch feminist” – praise Islam. They receive millions upon millions of dollars from Islamic republics so like the good puppets they are, they turn a blind eye to the humans rights abuses in these countries and push Islam onto Americans.

But Americans are waking up to the real nature of the corrupt Clintons. Even a Middle Eastern man who claims to be one of Chelsea’s fans slammed her on Twitter for her stupidity celebrating Sharia law.

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