Bill Gates Defends Communist China: They “Did a Lot of Things Right” While US Acted “Poorly”

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Bill Gates defends China's handling of coronavirus pandemic while slamming U.S.

Pandemic superstar Bill Gates has lashed out against the US response to the coronavirus outbreak, while defending China’s actions, claiming that the communist regime “did a lot of thigns right at the beginning.”

Appearing on CNN, Gates gushed that “China did a lot of things right at the beginning,” but added that “Like any country where a virus first shows up, they can look back and see where they missed some things.”

I guess silencing whistleblowers and lying about transmissibility count as “right things” in billionaire Bill’s mind.

When CNN host Fareed Zakaria asked Gates what he thinks about China’s lies, the billionaire dismissed it as “a distraction.”


“How would you respond to the charge that the Chinese covered this up, they essentially deceived the rest of the world, and as a result, they should be held in someway responsible for this?” Zakaria asked Gates.

“Well, I don’t think that’s a timely thing because it doesn’t affect how we act today,” Gates responded. reports: In addition, Gates attacked the US government’s response to the outbreak, saying that “Some countries did respond very quickly and get their testing in place and they avoided the incredible economic pain, and its sad that even the US, that you would have expected to do this well, did it particularly poorly.”

Gates, who stands to profit in the billions, then urged that the only thing on everyone’s minds now should be “to take the great science we have, the fact that we’re in this together, fix testing and treatments and get that vaccine.”

It is obvious that Gates would take this position, given that he basically is the World Health Organisation.

The WHO has faced global shame for parroting the dangerous lies of a tyrannical regime, which is still claiming fewer than 5000 deaths in the whole of China from COVID-19.

Gates’ foundation is now the WHO’s biggest patron, since the US halted all funding to the organisation.

While most expressed disgust at Gates’ comments, China enjoyed the interview, and immediately used it as propaganda:

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