Cure For Cancer Found In Berry From Far North Queensland Rainforest

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cure for cancer

Australian scientists may have found the cure for cancer, the disease which kills millions of people each day.

A rare berry containing cancer-fighting compounds has been found in nature that begins to kill cancer cells immediately and it only grows in one place in the entire world; the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

cure for cancer From Underground Reporter:

This cancer-fighting blushwood berry, also known as Hylandia dockrillii, has been uncovered in a far northern part of Australia, known for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and over 70 national parks, in the rainforests of North Queensland. The phyto-active compounds in this berry, namely a molecule which scientists are calling EBC-46, are so potent that they’ve killed cancerous tumors in lab experiments in as few as seven days. Other cancers were eradicated within only 48 hours.

Numerous clinical trials have already shown promise for treating cancer in laboratory animals, including horses, rats, and dogs, and the first human trials on a drug made from blush berries may have kept one woman from having to undergo an amputation of her arm. In a shocking twenty minutes, she says the tumor, “went purple, then black, and within a couple days, the tumor just shriveled up and died.

The compound causes no side effects, and works faster than almost anything doctors have ever seen. It works specifically on spot-melanomas, like skin cancer.

EBC-46 seems to trigger an immune response when injected into cancerous tumor sites. Our white blood cells then attack the tumor and shrink it so that the body can completely dispose of the cancerous cells which formed it.

Blushwood berries seem to be chock-full of this tumor-fighting compound. QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland, Australia, recently conducted a study on the blushwood berry and found that in over 70 percent of cases, when the compound was used, cancerous tumors die.cure for cancer

Dr. Glen Boyle, who led the study, says, “There’s a compound in the seed — it’s a very, very complicated process to purify this compound and why it’s there in the first place, we don’t know.

Boyle explains that the tree is “very, very picky” about where it will grow. He says, “It’s only on the Atherton Tablelands at the moment and they’re trying to expand that to different places of course because it’d be nice to be able to grow it on a farm somewhere.

Though Dr. Boyle says the blushwood berry compound could be used to augment chemotherapy treatment, there is a possibility that the drug could help cure cancer simply through ingesting the fruit, itself, or applying it topically. No clinical evidence has yet proven the blushwood berry to work in its whole, natural form, but if the compound gained from its flesh is so effective, might not the fruit itself prove efficacious in healing non-metastatic cancers?

Blushwood berry compounds are thought to cut off the oxygen supply to cancer cells, allowing for the removal of tumors without any need for surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. No wonder an Australian woman was able to save her arm from an amputation.

By Christina Sarich for Underground Reportercure for cancer


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