Crosses On Italian Graves Covered To Avoid Offending Other Religions

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The crosses on graves in an Italian cemetery have been covered up to avoid offending those from other religions.

Locals were shocked to find that the cemetery in Pieve di Cento had erected black sheeting to hide the cruxifixes on the graves.

The sheets went up during renovations taking place at the chapel, in case any workers of different faiths were offended.

According to Giorgia Meloni the leader of the Conservative-populist Brothers of Italy party (FdI), “Using the excuse of respect for others, they lack respect for our Catholic culture and our traditions. Now the Left is beyond fanaticism. This is ideological delirium.”

Breitbart reports: The cemetery, which is located in Bologna in a town of around 7,000 people, has also installed motorised blackout curtains in a local chapel following renovations to hide Roman Catholic symbols during ceremonies involving other denominations, Il Giornalereports.

Following the reports of the coverings of the symbols, many have expressed criticism including Forza Italia (Forward Italy) deputy Galeazzo Bignami who denounced the move saying those looking not to offend were disrespecting Christian values and he added, “even more so the memory of our dead, hiding them behind ‘motorised tents’ in a cemetery to avoid offending other religions.”

“If the administrators are ashamed of our tradition and our culture, they should go and hide themselves and not just behind a motorised tent. If they are not able to bring respect for the living at least they have the decency to leave the dead alone and not involve them in foolishness,” he added.


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    • I agree at one point crosses were associated with sun worship, and sacrifices to (t)ammuz, but believe when Jesus (Yahshua) came it became his symbol and overrid the pagan idolatry. The bible refers to us carrying our crosses, but also warns us against idol worship which initially the cross represented, so tough to know the answer here. Anyways, I respect your research as you are on the right path. God bless you!!

      • The bible refers to the idol worship of the Babylonian pantheon of gods by the chosen people, and the idol worship of the Greek and the Roman pantheon of gods practiced by Greeks and Romans (Italians), as the bible states.

  1. Wrong! Crosses on graves er not covered up to avoid offending other religions.
    They were covered up – by weak- and feeble-minded fifth columns to avoid offending an ideology.

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