Bette Midler: ‘Police Must Arrest Donald Trump for Attempted Murder of Joe Biden’

Fact checked
Bette Midler thinks the police should arrest Donald Trump for trying to kill Joe Biden. Yes, really.

Hollywood actress Bette Midler is calling on the police to arrest former President Donald Trump for the attempted murder of Joe Biden.

Yes, really.

According to the anti-Trump star, Trump tried to kill Biden with the coronavirus during a televised debate last year.

In an unhinged tweet on Friday, Midler claimed Trump knew “full well he was positive” with the virus before the debate, but deliberately turned up too late to be tested. Trump then “screeched, sputtered, spit, and foamed at the mouth, hoping to infect Joe.” reports: Midler’s accusations appear to stem from a new book by Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows that states the president tested positive for the coronavirus three days before the first presidential debate with Biden in September 2020.

The book said after Trump tested positive, he took another test using a more modern system that showed up negative, leading staff to believe he could still attend the debate.

“The story of me having COVID prior to, or during, the first debate is Fake News,” Trump said in a statement this week. “In fact, a test revealed that I did not have COVID prior to the debate.”

Bette Midler has used her massive social media following to champion physical violence against certain conservative politicians, including Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). She urged Joe Biden to kick then-President Trump “in the nuts” during the very same presidential debate.


  1. Massive social media following? Really. Most people under sixty don’t even know who she is. Just like they don’t know who barbara streisand is. These two ladies were irrelevant ten years ago. And they still are. No matter how young they make them look. Did you all get a load of warren buffet’s face the other day. Ninety-one years old. That is the age of my parents. His skin on his face looks like he is 55 years old. I would say Buffet, the oracle, is already dead. And they pulled out a guy who looks to be able to live another forty years, which makes no sense, unless…………..what they say is true about adrenochrome. And also, Mrs. Clarence Avant probably died of old age or Covid, and nuisance newsome is making a play to save California from themselves with her death from black on black violence, which would mean this family is compromised too, like everyone else in Hollywood.

    • Let me ask you Ms Midler how many Americans are going to die because Biden opened the border and INVITED illegal immigrants, tested or not, to enter the USA? Every time some celebrity like Midler opens their idiotic mouths some insane statement seems to come out! Your partial idiocy reminds of those people coming out of the bathroom dragging toilet paper behind them!

  2. Sounds like this lady needs some serious mental health help. I hope those closest to her get her the help she so desperately needs.

  3. Judging from comments all over the net, Trump isn’t the only one. LOL Midler is a Hollywood MORON in any case. What else is new.coming from these people who lie as easily as they breathe.

  4. How can society , listening to these “tribalist” not understand?
    Their despised because
    They’re degenerates suffering from mental illness of centuries of reprehensible history abusing their children…

    Convincing them they’re victims and not because of their twisted philosophies

  5. Midler is a has been and her opinions are of no consequence. She is a dyed in the wool Clintonite/Obamanite. The Dem and Rino traitors still have to manufacture lies about President Trump to cover their treason. Frankly they should all be rounded up and sent to a prison in the middle of the Nefud desert, infected with Covid, denied food and water, this way they will know first hand what they released on America and the world.

  6. I thought he was spitting and sputtering and foaming because in about 80% of the worlds countries Biden would be hanging from piano wire not debating him. Lets see, Iran, Russia, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia…… get the idea.

  7. In that same vein, Biden should be arrested for murder due to his mandates. Thousands have died because they were forced to get untried and untested inoculations that have not gone through the rigorous scientific protocol before being foisted on to the public and that can cause death.

    • She is a senile socialist communist, American hating old whore. The only movie I have of hers(on VHS) is Ruthless People, and I doubt I will ever watch it again, even though there are lots of other good people in it.

  8. The greats of hollyweird have passed on, and but a dwindling remnant remain. 95& at least of those in H weird land today, are just like her. Piss on them all.

  9. Bette Midler, one of the original Transvestites from the 60’s, when she started, with Barry, it was a “Trans” act.

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