VIDEO: 5 Videos That You Are BANNED From Watching

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There are videos that you are banned from watching, and you might not even know it.  In a video by Top 5 Unknowns, they examine five bizarre, horrific, scary, and strange videos you are not allowed to watch.

One of the most intriguing that the video below examines is that of American Christine Chubbuck.  Chubbuck was a news reporter who was severely depressed and in the weeks leading to her suicide, she interviewed the local police captain about suicide. The sheriff even told Christine the best way to kill yourself.

Christine Chubbuck ended up committing suicide a few weeks later live on air.  Another video is that of Steve Irwin’s death.  The video below is COMPLETELY SAFE to watch – there is no footage shown, as it is in a short, documentary style.

Let us know – do you feel that no matter how strange or horrific the video – should the government be able to decide what we can and can not watch?

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Royce Christyn

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