Washington Is Preparing A Warmonger To Start WW3

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American economist, journalist, blogger and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says that WW3 is likely to happen soon as the American empire dithers on the verge.

The neocons in Washington might actually decide to strike at Russia or China while they still sway power.

Dr. Roberts warns Russia to stay alert and see beyond Washington’s rhetoric.

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


Well, it is possible that Washington’s elite forces will argue over the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia.

They will argue like: “Look! Our focus is on the Kremlin. We have to strike the Russians now, while we still have some strength”. There will be neoconservatives, who will make that argument.

On the other hand, many people, not just in Washington but in Europe, will realize that with the weakening of the alliance it is even more risky to strike Russia. And various European governments will say: “Why do we want to be at risk for the sake of the Americans? If the Americans want to have power all over the world, why should we be drawn into war with Russia which could be catastrophic for us? We don’t see the benefit”.

So, it’s entirely possible, that the exit from the EU and exit from NATO would break up the ability of Washington to exercise its aggressive policies. Then they may simply have to accept the presence of other strong countries that are Russia and China. It may force Washington into a more reasonable stand.

I can’t predict which argument will win. I think if this kind of argument will materialize when Hillary Clinton is President, there will be a bigger danger of Russia being attacked. Because she is a warmonger. The last chance is on the other candidate.

So, it remains to be seen. The Russians need to stay very attentive. They must know by now that they cannot trust Washington. You can’t believe anything that Washington says. American people can’t believe them either.

We just have to see what Turkey will do and what Britain will do. Could they actually manage to get out of NATO? Two years is a long time, Washington could try to work on the British government. If the British will successfully leave the EU, this could encourage other countries. And if Turkey will leave NATO, this could start other countries leaving. But I think it would be a mistake for Russians to simply assume that is going to happen. It is hopeful.

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